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We need to replace our old central air unit. We are in a 930 square foot condo (one level). Do we need a 1.5 ton unit?

Post created: 2016-07-19 Type of Equipment: Air Conditioner Views: 77

This unit is 1986 Trane. Still shopping for the best brand. No current problems. Just replacement.

On 2016-07-20 Gary wrote:

The size of your central air unit depends on several factors, including the size of your condo, windows, doors, insulation, roofing material, climate, etc. The best way to find the most efficient unit for your condo is to have a load calculation done, which will calculate all these factors and more to find the best sized unit. Having the right sized unit will increase efficiency and save you money.

If you'd like to find a contractor who can do a load calculation and install a new central air conditioner, we can help you find one, here.

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