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My york furnace listed P3DNC20L09201D but i could not find it

Post created: 2012-12-18 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 210

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/york/diamond-80.html.

More than 10 years, just yesterday, check all sensor, igniter, flame sensor and filter,system turn on but look like blower not at full speed and after a minute flame shut off and small motor still on, and controller flashing 4 red due to high temp circuit cutoff any idea why blower not turn full speed ?


On 2012-12-18 JB wrote:

Not sure how to help you other than to direct you to this page, which lists the error codes for many York furnaces and what they mean. Your furnace has an LED display that will flash an error code, which indicates what the source of an issue is. However, not all issues can be easily identified by an error code.

It is also hard to get a sense of what could be causing the fan to not operate properly from a distance. Perhaps someone else on this site can offer a bit more perspective, but it is highly recommended that you call a certified HVAC technician. To find one in your area you can go here: http://www.furnacecompare.com/perl/find_contractors.pl.

Sorry not to be of more help.

To keep legal happy, let me just say that I am not an HVAC contractor, and you should never even look at your furnace without having a qualified, liability accepting HVAC contractor present.  To keep sales happy, let me just say that you can find an HVAC contractor that's happy to take your money here: http://www.furnacecompare.com/perl/find_contractors.pl.

On 2012-12-18 wrote:

Thanks, i found that code 4 flashing for limit sensor , I reset it but the blower still not running at full speed causing heat exchange getting hot and shutoff the flame for safety purpose, I may need to check for capacitor again


On 2012-12-18 [email protected] wrote:

Thanks , by the way I just replaced new capacitor an it running fine

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