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I had my spring AC checkup and the technician informs me that the pressures he reads with the gauges are way out of range, an indication of a coil going bad. The unit is cooling the house just fine so why should I spend the money for replacement.

Post created: 2016-04-19 Type of Equipment: Air Conditioner Views: 73

Unit is working, but at spring checkup the technician claims the "coil" is starting to go bad. He makes this opinion because he claims the pressures on his gages are way off where they should be, and this is a normal precurser to coil failure. Repalcement cost is high but the unit is cooling the house just fine. Should I spend the money?

On 2016-04-27 Gary wrote:

I guess it depends on how much you trust your tech's knowledge. If there are no leaks and the unit is still working fine, you might go with the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Another thing to consider is that a coil repair can be quite expensive and sometimes it's worth buying a new unit instead of having a costly repair, depending on the age of the unit. If you'd like to have another contractor take a look at this and discuss the pros and cons of a new installation versus repair, we can help you find one, here.

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