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My steam water furnace has a small drop of water falling on pilot light is it possible to fix crack and what is the full name of these furnace thier baseboards filled with water

Post created: 2012-11-28 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 139

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Hello I have a steam water furnace it is a Sears Homart model #867-7256 which they probably don't make anymore it has a small crack since tank in boiler is filled with water it has a small drop of water that falls on pilot light and turns it off since it is winter we want to hold on till spring if possible to replace completely and becauce its going to be costly what do you recommend or is there anything that can fill this small hole if its off no drip but once pressure builds up that drop starts I was thinking if there was something like a small cap or something that drop can fall on so it won't turn pilot off for now what kind of metal is this it is old was here when we purchased house and to replace it what furnace is compatible with it Thank You

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