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I have two Lennox G26Q4/5-75-5 furnaces in my house. After 17 years one of them needs replacing. I had two Pulse furnaces before these and want to get another Lennox furnace.

Post created: 2016-01-25 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 127

On 2016-01-25 Gary wrote:

Lennox has several series of furnace to choose from, which you can see here. Before deciding on which furnace to buy, it is important to find a contractor who will do a load calculation on your home to ensure that you don't end up with a unit that is oversized or undersized. Once the load calculation is done, the contractor can advise you on which furnace is best for your  home

 If you'd like to have a contractor take a look at this, we can help you find one, here.

On 2016-01-25 wrote:

I am doing that but I want your input as to what furnaces you have in the 92% EFUE range.................Can you not answer that simple question ?

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