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I need the meaning of the diagnostic light codes on the control board of a Lennox Elite Series

Post created: 2012-11-14 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 6394

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/lennox/elite.html.

4 blinks on control board . Both fans run when powered with no thermostat wires connected . New board witch worked fine for 1 month

On 2012-11-15 JB wrote:

To be absolutely sure what this means you will also need to know the model number. If you know the model number you can find documentation here: http://www.lennox.com/support/literature.asp

The following is for the Lennox EL195:

Lennox EL195 Error Codes

Off: No power to control or board fault detected

Heartbeat: Control powered − displayed during all modes of operation if no errors are detected

1: Reverse Line Voltage Polarity

2: Improper Earth Ground

3: Burner failed to light, or lost flame during heat demand

4: Low Flame Signal − check flame sensor

5: Watchguard − burner failed to light, exceeded maximum number of retries or recycles.

6: Ignitor Circuit Failure − not available on this control

7: Primary or Secondary Limit Open or Watchguard Mode − Limit Switch Open longer than 3 minutes

8: Rollout Switch Open

9: Pressure Switch failed to close or opened during heat demand

10 Watchguard − Pressure Switch opened 5 times during one heat demand

11 Pressure Switch stuck closed prior to activation of combustion air inducer

12: Flame Sensed without gas valve energized

13: Low Line Voltage


Note: A "Heartbeat" is indicated by a "Slow Flash" − 1 sec on 1 sec off, repeating

Note: Error codes are indicated by a "Rapid Flash" − the LED flashes X times at 1/2 sec on 1/2 sec

off, remains off for 3 sec, then repeats

Note: Last 10 error codes are stored in memory − To recall, press and release button, most recent will be displayed first, LED off for 3 sec, then next error code is displayed, etc. To clear error codes, depress and hold button longer than 5 seconds.

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On 2015-11-30 wrote:

What is the cause of number 11? I have a new furnace and it keeps cycling on and off with this error code

On 2015-11-30 wrote:

What is the cause of number 11? I have a new furnace and it keeps cycling on and off with this error code

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