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Our contractor quoted us using the model LXTM9T. I am not familiar with the model, are they good?

Post created: 2015-11-17 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 239

This question was created on the page: https://www.furnacecompare.com/furnaces/luxaire/tm9.html.

Can you give me specifications and if this is the best for a 2000 sqft house in Ontario. Some of the reviews on the luxaire tm9 are not good. I am concerned.

On 2015-11-17 Eric wrote:

Based on the model number you provided it sounds like he quoted you on a York LX TM9T, (follow the link it will take you to the TM9T brochure). York LX series is the current #1 highest rated furnace on furnacecompare.com.


I am not a contractor however if York is the brand your contractor is using, it appears to be a good choice based on reviews. 

On 2015-11-17 wrote:

Eric answered my question that the york was number 1 on furnace comapre but it is actually number 10 getting a rating of 3.3out of 10. Is this not correct

On 2015-11-17 Eric wrote:

I see the confusion, the York TG9S is No. 10. The York LX is No 1 (4.8 out of 5) which the LX is the model you said you were quoted from the question. 

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