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The Trane XR95 will not come on. Unit tries but flashes 3 times. What does that mean?

Post created: 2014-10-11 Type of Equipment: Furnace Views: 6633

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Will not light up and blow heat. Unit tries but I get three flashes out of indicator light

On 2014-10-11 Patrick wrote:

If this is the first time this year that your furnace has got the call for heat. It might be something as simple as a restriction in the vent tubing going from the inducer motor housing to the pressure switch, something as small as a spider or a spider egg. If there is a restriction the pressure switch will not make. If that switch does not make it will not allow the ignition process to occur. There could also be a restriction in the flu. Some furnaces this will be PVC, some furnaces the flu is round metal pipe. If there was a dead bird, a nest, or anything blocking the flu. That pressure switch will not make. The pressure switch is a safety in place to prevent your furnace from firing up. Turn off power to your furnace and if you are capable of removing the upper panel on the front of your furnace. Look for a rubber tube a little bigger than a straw. It will be hooked to a round plastic switch, a little smaller than a can of chew. Unhook the vent tube and blow through it and put it back on. Then remove the exhaust from the top of the furnace. Now turn the power back on. If it fires up immediately turn the furnace off and put the exhaust back on. Then turn the power back on. If it doesn't start your flu is restricted. Give me a call if you need help, I own a heating and cooling company I might be able to talk you through troubleshooting. 9137093361 This is a 24 hour a day service so if you need further instructions feel free to call.

On 2014-10-11 Patrick wrote:

Also on the inside of the upper panel there is usually a description of the diagnostic code's. That's the flashing of the LED lights, this will help you narrow it down.

On 2014-10-13 Danielle wrote:

According to the installation manual for the Trane XR95 3 flashing lights means Draft Pressure Error - Possible problems

a) Venting problem

b) Pressure seitch problem

c) Inducer problem


On 2014-12-04 New customer of an XR95 wrote:

Speaking to the factory they stated that it is better to use a 3" vent pipe even though a 2" fitting is on the vent outlet. My contractor installed two inch pipe and had three elbows before getting outside. This was enough to prevent the igniter to allow gas flow. Changing to 3" and using only two 45 degree elbows corrected the problem. If you went to the end of the 2" pipe it felt like a pretty strong flow but the pressure restriction at the permissive switch was still too high, preventing the gas flow and igniter. The contractor did not know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works fine now. Hope this helps


On 2016-02-04 Charlie Tame wrote:

We have twinned units and since they share the same inlet duct if one quits the other will not run. After removing the top front panel I found that neither vent fan was running. Turned out to be one dead run capacitor (Can swelled and leaked oil) and the same item on the other unit was weak. Replaced both capacitors and problem solved. One symptom might be motors not running but getting very hot.

On 2016-10-13 Dave wrote:

Hi very informative . Now I also have xr95 and fault #3 so hmm ok blew through little tube ....

Disconnected exhaust and still no ignition.??????

It's trane xr95 not quite 2yrs old in a brand new house so first winter great ....quit in spring last year and here we are...something like that anyhow no ignition with exhaust disconnected on a #3 blink fault....Thanks

On 2016-11-21 Andrew wrote:


I appreciate your post, with all the tips. I attempted to fix my furnace myself, ordered a new igniter on Amazon because I figured that was the issue. Installed it and had the same problem, no ignition. I would have been highly pissed if I would have called someone to come out for $75, just to blow in a tube.....I want to thank you!!! WE HAVE HEAT!

On 2016-11-30 Eric wrote:

Found a painters coverall shoved in my vent tube. No idea how that happened. I have heat! Thank u for this valuable post

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