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Is a Bryant heat pump known to be problematic?

Post created: 2014-10-06 Type of Equipment: Heat Pump Views: 169

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First I want to say that my tech has been very responsive to every issue that I've had. I just think I have a lemon. Oil Furnace is a Bryant 374 RAN. Not sure if the following is the heat pump model - CNPVP3617ATAABAA but it's a dual system Heat Pump with oil backup. Installed Summer 2010. So far (I hate to even say it), no issue with cooling but from the first winter season, I've had heating issues. In heat pump mode, the air put out is usually very cool and ends up lowering the temperature of the house so I've mostly relied on oil back up. My tech has set a parameter so that the heat pump won't even operate at 40 or below. If it helps, I live in Eastern PA (Phila. area).

Current situation is that I ran it overnight for the first time this season, woke up to 63 degrees in the house. thermostat was set on 70 and the outside temp was 47. I tried to put emergency oil on but the furnace didn't even kick on.

History: I've already had to replace two Riello burners. Could have been last winter season or the one before. I've had the tech out so many times that it all runs together. I've had issues with the filter clogging so the tank (double walled Granby installed 2011 or 2012) was tested for contaminant or water?? which was negative) Tech installed a separate filter (looks like an aerosol can), which seemed to solve the issue at that time.

Last December/January I think the heat pump was on as primary and I ended up with an $800+ electric bill. The funny thing is that I actually had a comfortable temperature in the house.

I'm sick and tired of having to call for service every time I want to start using the heat and then again when some new issues surfaces usually during a major cold snap.


On 2014-10-07 Danielle wrote:

Here is the link to the Bryant Heat Pump consumer reviews there is a large amount that are very satisfied with theirs and a larger amount very unsatisfied and few in between.



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