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Wyoming Heating Contractors

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Wyoming is known for its wonderful parks, open land and quite cool temperatures at various times throughout the year. In the winter months, the average temperature drops into the low teens. The higher one gets in the mountain ranges, the colder the temperatures are. It should come as no surprise, then, that heating contractors, (or HVAC contractors), are high in demand in Wyoming.

State Licensing Requirements

While Wyoming does not require that heating contractors apply for a license, there is a voluntary limited technician's license available. To acquire this license, the interested party must take an open-book exam, pay various fees for the application, exam and license and show evidence of an apprenticeship or work experience in the field. More information is available at the Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety.

If You Have a Problem with an HVAC Contractor

If you have an HVAC contractor perform heating repair or installation in your home and difficulties arise in some way, there are a few ways to take care of the problem. First, try to resolve the problem with the heating contractor. Talking the issue over with the contractor is the shortest path to resolution, and probably the cheapest. Should no resolution occur from discussions with the contractor, the next step is to contact an entity to mediate the issue. Your first stop should probably be the Wyoming Attorney General's Consumer Protection Unit. The Better Business Bureau is a second good option.

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