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Heating Contractors in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is one of the coldest states south of Alaska, with bitterly cold winters notorious to those who have survived them. The average low in January is 13 degrees, and the high is just 28. Even in June the average low is 56 degrees. With the frigid nighttime temperatures of Wisconsin, heat is used for 9 to 10 months out of every year. If you need a heating contractor in Wisconsin, you don't want to wait long!

State Requirements

Perhaps the extreme need for heating contractors explains why the state doesn't require a license for HVAC work. Whatever the reason, except in cases where a municipality has more stringent standards, HVAC contractors only need to acquire a state-wide HVAC Contractor credential. Only the owner or a partner of the contracting business may apply for the credential; they must submit an application and pay a $10 application fee. Once the credentials are approved, the contractor must pay an additional $100 fee, valid for four years. More information is available from the Wisconsin government.

There is another HVAC credential available to HVAC tradesmen in Wisconsin. This credential is valid state-wide, even in cases where municipalities have stricter requirements than the HVAC Contractor certification mentioned above. To qualify for HVAC qualifier credentials you must pass an exam and acquire four years of experience "on the job". In addition, there are four years of tech school required, or the applicant can combine four years of trade work and school experience.

If you have a problem with an HVAC Contractor

While you're always better off trying to work directly with the contractor to resolve issues, you have a couple of options if that path doesn't yield fruit. In 2005, there were 9,768 Better Business Bureau complaints lodged against HVAC contractors in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin BBB accepts any complaints from consumers about their heating contractors. The Wisconsin Department of Commerce also offers online complaint forms. Both agencies accept complaints filed online anytime, day or night.

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