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Heating/Cooling Contractors in Vermont

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Vermont, one of the 6 states that make up New England, is known for its lovely mountains, great ski slopes and a little-known ice creamery called Ben & Jerrys. Winters can be bitterly cold, especially in the north of the state. Average low temperatures in January and February are in the single digits. Average high temperatures max out at 80° F in July.

Heating Contractors are not required to get an HVAC license in Vermont. However, (except in a few cases) plumbers are required to get a license, and licensed plumbers can specialize in such trades as hydronic heating specialist and water heater specialist.

If You Have a Problem with an HVAC Contractor

Most heating installation projects proceed smoothly -- however, for every rule there are exceptions. If you have a disagreement with your heating contractor, the first step is to discuss it with them. If you have a written contract, the solution may be as simple as speaking with the contractor face-to-face with a copy of that contract. Vermont's Consumer Assistance Program is designed to help consumers check the background of businesses that they are considering hiring, and to file complaints if they have a problem with services that they've purchased. A second option is to contact the local Better Business Bureau.

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