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Texas is the largest state in the continental 48, in terms of size, and is behind only California in terms of population. There's a lot to be said for Texas: its energy and aeronautics industries are world famous, as is the port of Houston -- the largest port in the U.S. for international commerce, and the sixth-largest port in the world. As far as health care is concerned, the Texas Medical Center is renowned for having the world's largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. It's economy isn't doing too bad either -- it's the second largest in the United States.

As for yearly temperatures, Texas is no slouch there, either. Because it is so large, it has three climate zones, so weather is variable, with The Panhandle being cooler in the winter than North Texas or the Gulf Coast. Tornados usually hit Texas with the most frequency each year, and there will always be the occasional hurricane.

Consumer Complaints

Complaints about HVAC contractors may be made with the Texas Attorney General, and of course the local Better Business Bureau.

Contractor Licensing

HVAC contractors need to be licensed in Texas. Applications can be obtained from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

There are two types of licenses. The Class A license allows contractors to work on any size HVAC equipment. The Class B license limits contractors to 25 tons of cooling and 1.5 million Btu of heating. In addition, both types of license will need a special endorsement for environmental air conditioning and/or for commercial refrigeration and process cooling and heating.

To take an exam, applicants need at least three years of practical work experience, although this can be spread over the past five years. Education helps - a degree in air conditioning engineering, refrigeration engineering, or mechanical engineering from a Department-approved school can be used as a substitute for up to two years of the work experience requirement.

HVAC contractors with valid licenses in Georgia or South Carolina may use it to obtain a Texas license.

HVAC contractors need liability insurance commiserate with their license - for the Class B license: $100,000 per occurrence for property damage and bodily injury, $100,000 aggregate for property damage and bodily injury, and $100,00 aggregate for products and completed operations, and for the class A license, this amount goes up to $300,000 for each. Licenses are good for one year.

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