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The temperatures in Tennessee may not be as harsh as much of the rest of the country, but it still has some periods each year of cold weather -- particularly at the higher elevations. Though the highs in the summer can easily reach the 90s, the lows in the winter easily reach the 30s. Heating contractors are in demand in all parts of the state to cope with the winter temperatures, and especially in the portion of the Great Smoky Mountains in the Western part of the state.

Consumer Protection

If consumers have a complaint with a heating contractor, they can file their complaint with the state through the Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Licensure Requirements for Contractors

Like any type of construction work done within the state, heating contractors must be licensed.. The state enforces the licensing laws and has even initiated a media campaign to inform the public about the potential risks of using an unlicensed contractor.

All applicants for a contractor's licence must provide a letter of reference from a former employer or client who is knowledgeable about the applicant's work, and must also produce a statement about their current financial situation. In addition to these, the applicant must have papers attesting to their incorporation status: if incorporated outside of the state the applicant must get the Tennessee Secretary of State to issue a Certificate of Authority; and if incorporated inside the state, company charter papers. Along with these, the applicant is required to fill out a financial worksheet to outline the finances of the applicant's company.

After this process has been completed, the applicant must pass an exam pertaining to Tennessee law and business practices, as well as an HVAC test.

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