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Heating Contractors in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US by geographic area (and is ranked 43rd in terms of population). The state has a fairly mild climate for New England, with average winter lows in the 20s and average summer highs in the 80s. Like much of New England, heating oil is a popular fuel for home heating.

Many states have specific requirements which HVAC contractors must abide by in order to be in compliance with the law. With regard to the state of Rhode Island, HVAC contractors are regulated depending on the type of contractor category which they fall within. Since there are a variety of HVAC contractor types, the best way to figure out which regulations your HVAC contractor needs to comply with is to visit the Department of Administration Contractors' Registration Board.

If You Have a Problem with an HVAC Contractor

From time to time, problems may arise between a homeowner and their HVAC contractor. Some of these disputes may focus on the job being performed or the payment which should be rendered to the contractor. Should a dispute of this nature arise, one should always try to resolve it with the contractor face-to-face. If this doesn't help in resolving the issue, the next step may be to contact the state's Division of Professional Regulation. Another option is to contact the Rhode Island Better Business Bureau.

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