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Heating Contractors in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State, because as one of the original thirteen colonies it occupied a central position among them. That's why the First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania's capital city.) Pennsylvania is an important agricultural state, although small farmers are gradually being forced out of business.

Pennsylvania averages temperatures in the 70s during the summer months, with temperatures falling into the mid-to-low-thirties during the winter season.

HVAC contractors do not need a license to practice in Pennsylvania. Contractors therefore need to check their local jurisdictions for any particular requirements. (Senate Bill 660, currently under review, calls for licensing of plumbing contractors.)

If you have a complaint against an HVAC contractor in Pennsylvania, contact the Attorney General.

There are several agencies ready to help low-income residents pay their heating bills during the winter months. These agencies are summarized at New Jersey Ratepayer Advocate Seema M. Singh's official website.

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