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Heating/ Cooling Contractors in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is 20th in area and 28th in population. According to the EPA, Oklahoma has the most diverse terrain in the United States and is one of only four U.S. states to have more than 10 distinct ecological regions. This high number of "ecoregions" does not mean that the state always experiences extreme differences in temperature, however. The average temperature in winter is in the high 40s, and in the summer the temperature is often in the low 90s.

Consumer Resources for Heating Problems

If you're having difficulty paying your utility bills, visit the HUD website, which lists a few agencies that can help.

If you have a conflict with your HVAC contractor, contact Oklahoma's Attorney General to file a complaint. You can also contact the local Better Business Bureau.

Regulations affecting Contractors

Mechanical contractors need a license to perform work in Oklahoma. To apply for a license, contact the Construction Industries Board. The Board issues mechanical contractor and journeyman licenses for the following specialties: HVAC unlimited (over 25 tons and 500,000 Btu) Natural gas piping HVAC limited (under 25 tons and 500,000 Btu or less) Sheet metal Refrigeration Process piping. Before being awarded a license, the contractor must pass an exam. An applicant must have four years of work experience to qualify for the exam. Journeyman applicants must have three years of work experience. Once you've passed the exam, you must provide proof of workers' compensation insurance, a $5,000 license bond, and $50,000 in liability insurance coverage to receive an active contractor's license.

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