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Ohio Heating Contractors

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Ohio is one of the busiest industrial states in the midwest, with the country's 10th largest highway network crisscrossing the state, especially between the many ports that lie on Lake Erie, which is the northern border of the state, and the Ohio River (the southern border). Agriculture is also an important business, as summers are hot and humid throughout, while winters are generally cool.

The average temperatures in Ohio are in the low 70s during the summer months, and the mid-to-high 20s during the winter, providing plenty of work for heating and air conditioning contractors.

Contractors' Reputations

Consumer complaints about HVAC contractors may be made to the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board or the State's Attorney General.

Regulatory Requirements

Contractors must hold a state license to do HVAC work. Requirements for the license, located at the state's Department of Commerce website state that applicants need at least five years of experience in the field. They also must be U.S. citizens or legal immigrants, with no convictions for misdemeanors or felonies.

The Licensing exam comes in two parts -- one on business and law and the other on HVAC. (Or electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, or hydronics, depending on what field the applicant is applyig for!). All applicants must take both parts of the exam.

Licenses last for only one year. In addition to the fee to renew, contractors must show proof of insurance, and have completed the continued education requirement of 10 hours per year.

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