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Heating Contractors based in New York City, NY

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(718) 236-3159 Absolute Mechanical Co Inc
1562 62 Street, New York City, NY 11219
Services Offered: We install steam and hot water high efficiency condensing gas boilers.
(718) 967-0686 Best Heating & Air Cond Inc.
888 huguenot ave, New York City, NY 10312
Services Offered: Service maintenance repair and installation of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems
(718) 231-0255 D-Dec Heating & Cooling, LLC
981 East 233rd Street, New York City, NY 10466
Services Offered: Air conditioning repairs and installations, gas furnaces repairs and installation, boiler repairs, installation and cleaning split, duct- less and package roof top systems installed, oil burner repairs
(718) 435-3991 KL Cooling & Heating
1366-38th Street, New York City, NY 11218
Services Offered: Central heating and cooling, installation and repair service
(917) 297-4002 Sam's Air Consitioning
55 Sunset Ave, New York City, NY 10314
Services Offered: Heating and air conditioning installation, service and repair
(718) 984-0805 Scaran
6767 Amboy Road, New York City, NY 10309
Services Offered: Scaran serves Staten Island residents and businesses with over 80 years of experience and a renowned reputation for superior technical skills in heating, air conditioning, plumbing, indoor air quality systems and energy delivery.
(718) 227-9700 Service Tech A/C & Heating Co.
114-21 Bedell St, New York City, NY 11434
Services Offered: We service all types of A/C units, all heating furnaces and boilers (only gas), provide service contracts, including exhaust fans and fresh air systems.

About New York City

All buildings in New York City have some form of heating system. The most common systems are forced hot air heat, hot water heat, steam heat, and heat pumps. Each of these systems can be powered by oil, natural gas, or electricity. The Empire State Building, one of New York City's most famous buildings, is heated with low-pressure steam which is supplied by the local public utility and is delivered through 50 miles of radiator pipe. In the summer, the Empire State Building uses 7450 tons of refrigeration.

Most Better Business Bureau accredited heating contractors in New York City are located in the outer boroughs, but the majority of them serve Manhattan as well as their home borough. In addition, many of the plumbers in Manhattan also service heating systems.

Legal Requirements

New York City law requires all building owners to provide heat to tenants during 'heat season' between October 1 and May 31. The following temperatures must be maintained:

  • If the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit between the hours of 6am and 10pm, the inside temperature must be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit between the hours of 10pm and 6am, the inside temperature must be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city will cite any owners that fail to maintain these temperatures. Owners of buildings should contact a heating professional as soon as a problem surfaces to avoid legal problems.

Alternative Energy in NYC

The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in Chelsea is one example of a New York City institution 'going green' by harnessing the rivers running deep underneath Manhattan to power its heating and cooling systems. Geothermal pumps 1,500 to 1,800 feet deep draw this underground water up into the seminary buildings. The 65-degree water draws in the heat from hotter surroundings or loses heat to colder ones. The system requires no consumable fuel and, once fully operational, will reduce carbon emissions by 1,400 tons every year.

Additionally, the Lenfest Center at Columbia University is a national leader in research that looks for solutions to the world's long-term energy needs. Most of its work in solar, nuclear and fossil fuels is intended to 'support the world's projected population in 2100 without increased carbon emissions.'

State Aid for Upgrading Energy Systems

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides financial assistance and loans for New Yorkers looking to upgrade their existing heating systems and replace them with more energy efficient models. More information on the New York Energy $mart program is available on the NYSERDA website.

Things to Avoid When Hiring a Heating/Cooling Contractor

While most contractors want to do their best for their clients, there are scam artists out there as well. There are certain behaviors that many suspect contractors share including the following:

  • Soliciting customers door-to-door or through cold calling
  • Using materials left over from previous jobs
  • Having clients get necessary permits
  • Demanding up front or cash only payment
  • Pressuring for immediate decisions
  • Coercing clients into using a specific lender

While a contractor can exhibit some of these behaviors and still be legitimate, treat these as warning signs of a possible problem and be aware. Also use common sense -- if a contractor says a heating unit is too small, think about how it's actually performed in the past. Get a second opinion if there are any doubts about the legitimacy of a contractor or their recommendations.

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