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Heating Contractors in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a small state in the Northeastern United States, with a population of about 1.3 million people. It experiences 4 distinct seasons during the year, so both central heating and central cooling are important. (In fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded in New Hampshire was -47 degrees F, in 1934. Try enjoying life in the White Mountains at that temperature without a furnace!)

Licensing requirements

The state motto is "Live Free or Die", so it may not surprise you to learn that there are relatively few regulations that affect contractors. HVAC contractors, for example, are not required to get a state license to install or maintain heating and cooling equipment. (They may, however, need a license should their work involve certain electrical or plumbing work.)

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America have a New Hampshire chapter.

Consumer Complaints and Resources

In 2004, more than 300 consumer complaints were filed against NH contractors and remodelers. Several bills have been proposed in the legislature in response. If you would like to file a complaint against a contractor in NH, contact the Office of the Attorney General.

New Hampshire renters and homeowners that are having a problem paying their home heating bills can contact the NH Office of Energy and Planning for help. The Office's Fuel Assistance Program may be able to help provide funds for heating.

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