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Heating Contractors in North Dakota

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North Dakota is known for its beautiful outdoors and its many buttes, including White Butte, Black Butte, and the oddly-named Post Office Butte. It is also known for its harsh weather and cold temperatures. And while there's a large temperature spread between the Southwest and the Northeast (as much as 15° F in January) -- winter temperatures are still brutally cold, averaging in the single digits to low teens.

State Requirements for HVAC Contractors

Homeowners will be glad to know that contractors in the state of North Dakota must have a license to work on any job that costs more than $2,000. Although some jobs will be less than that, most contractors obtain this license as they never know whether their next job will be $300 or $3000. HVAC licenses do not require an exam, but contractors must show proof of liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance and that they are up to date on their taxes. Licenses are obtained from the North Dakota Secretary of State's Office.

Resolving Problems with Contractors

With most HVAC jobs, completion will be done in a timely and efficient manner. However, should a case arise where a homeowner and a contractor disagree on how a job was finished, the homeowner has several avenues to pursue. First, speak with the heating contractor about the problem to see how it can be fixed. If that doesn't work, The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division of the Attorney General's office has a Consumer Complaint form that you can submit. Lastly, the Better Business Bureau of North Dakota may be able to help resolve the issue.

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