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Heating Contractors in Montana

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Montana is a beautiful state which sees its share of colder temperatures. It is no wonder, therefore, that heating contractors are in demand year-round. These contractors work hard to install and repair quality heating systems in their customers' homes and businesses. Since average monthly temperatures in Montana can range anywhere from 87° F to 8° F degrees, it is important to know a good heating contractor.

State Licensing Requirements

Many states require that HVAC contractors file for an annual or semi-annual license that guarantees that they have adequate experience in the field, financing and insurance. Montana does not require such a license from its heating contractors. However, Montana does require that many of its contractors register with the state government. It's also a good idea to check with your local town clerk to see if your town or county has more strict code requirements before making a major change to your heating system.

What to do if you have a problem with a Heating Contractor

In certain instances, homeowners may find themselves in conflict with the HVAC contractor who is doing work on their house. If this is the case and speaking with the contractor yields no results, the next step is to contact a mediating party. There are essentially two options:

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