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Mississippi Heating Contractors

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Mississippi, The Magnolia State, ranks 32nd in area and 31st in population. The capital and largest city is Jackson. Forestry is an important industry, and while the riverboat gambling industry was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, it is reviving. Winter temperatures in the state are generally mild, averaging in the 50s. Summer temperatures can be quite humid and hot, averaging in the low 90s.

Consumer Protection

In the unhappy event that you have a disagreement with your heating contractor, first try to resolve the disagreement face-to-face. If you can patch things up, you can probably get the job done with the least hassle this way. (And, there is often a second side to the story -- remember that your contractor has a business to run, and they'd rather get good word of mouth from you than bad.) If that doesn't work, try contacting the Mississsippi Attorney General to register a complaint.

Help is available for renters and homeowners who are having difficulty paying their energy bills. Contact LIHEAP (the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program).

Legislation affecting Professional Cooling and Heating Contractors

To do business in Mississippi, a contractor must acquire a Certificate of Authority for public jobs over $50,000 and for private projects over $100,000 -- as long as they are less than 7,500 square feet and one to two stories in height. To qualify, the applicant has to submit a financial statement by a CPA and their assets must include a net worth of $20,000. Out-of-state contractors are welcome, as long as they can qualify with the Secretary of State and pass a construction exam. You may also contact the Mississippi State Board of Contractors, which lists all contractors licensed to

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