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Heating Contractors in Missouri

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With an average January low of just 19 degrees, and in the low 20s for the rest of the winter, this Midwest state experiences consistently freezing temperatures each winter. The spring and fall low temperatures aren't much better, averaging in the 30s and 40s.

Because of the great need for heating for residents of Missouri, the state has assembled an agency to assist residents with making their homes more energy efficient. The Missouri Energy Center works to educate Missouri consumers about how to lower their heating and cooling bills by making their homes more efficient. Through the Center, low income citizens can apply to have their homes weatherized by the state's Department of Natural Resources, helping to keep homes warmer and heating systems running more efficiently.

State Regulations

Becoming a HVAC contractor in Missouri is easier than in most states. The state has absolutely no licensing requirements for HVAC contractors operating within the state. There are no credentials or other requirements, though there may be business licensing required, as with any type of business. The type of business license required largely depends on the city and/or county in which the business is located.

Because of the lack of regulation, many consumers are confused as to where to complain when a heating job goes wrong, or even if they are able to make a complaint against an unlicensed contractor. Anyone in Missouri with a complaint about a heating contractor can file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. This division enforces the state's consumer protection laws.

The Better Business Bureau of Missouri also fields complaints about heating contractors in the state.

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