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Heating Contractors in Maryland

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Summers in Maryland are warm throughout the day and night, averaging in the 70s and 80s in the summer months, there is little need for heating during that time. But because of Maryland's cold winter temperatures, (which average in the 30s), a central home heating system is a must.

Consumer Protection

Residents who wish to register a complaint against the work performed by a contractor can file with the state and with the BBB of Greater Maryland.

Contractor Licensing

If you want to hire a contractor in Maryland to perform general construction work, you don't need to ask for a license -- Maryland doesn't require one. But that's not true if you want to hire a heating contractor: the state requires licenses for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) contractors (and plumbers and electricians as well). Maryland has a board of HVACR contractors and issues several different types of HVAC licenses.

Contractors must pass one or more tests to earn an HVACR license in Maryland. First, the contractor must assess exactly what type of contracting license they need based on their level of skill and their desired field of work. The state of Maryland offers a journeyman license for beginning contractors for $20. The exam to get this license costs an additional $44. For more experienced contractors, there are the master, limited contractor, and master restricted licenses. The master contractor and limited contractor licenses each require a license fee of $75 and an exam fee of $132. The master restricted license is for contractors who wish to stay in only one area of contracting, such as ventilation or forced-air heating, and costs anywhere from $25 to $75, with an exam fee of $44 for each specialization.

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