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Heating Contractors in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts temperatures vary with proximity to the coast, but average winter temperatures are generally in the 20s, and some years even less. The average home is heated 7-9 months of the year. Because of this need, residents of this state need effective heating systems. Oil-fired boilers are very common in Massachusetts (and New England in general), and many residents turn to their fuel oil company for repairs and new installations.

Licensing Requirements in MA

In Massachusetts, smaller HVAC jobs are not highly regulated, but the larger ones involve substantial red tape. For HVAC contractors installing central air conditioning units under 10 tons (the vast majority of residential projects, for example), there are no licensing requirements or business restrictions. But for contractors installing a unit 10 tons and more there are licensing requirements as well as business and experience regulations.

Contractors undertaking these larger installations must have at least four years of experience and must own their own contracting company. They must also apply for licensing, requiring a $74 fee for the application. You can find comprehensive information on Massachusetts licensing requirements here.

Because of the tiny size of many New England states, some contractors regularly visit clients across state lines. The state of Massachusetts makes this easier by issuing licenses to those who already have licenses in the nearby states of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.

Filing Complaints Against Contractors

The Massachusetts Public Safety Department and the Board of Building Regulations provides a phone number (617-727-3200) for consumers wanting to file complaints against their contractor. The Better Business Bureau also has a Massachusetts branch.

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