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Heating Contractors in Kentucky

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Kentucky, also known as the Bluegrass State, has mild winters, with temperatures rarely dipping below the low 40s, on average, and rarely getting above the high 80s during the summer months. The state is unique for the number of streams it contains - it has one of the most expansive and complex stream systems in the country, and is the only state to be bordered on three sides by rivers. Kentucky's industries are strong. It ranks 4th in the country in car production, produces many agricultural crops, and the Eastern Kentucky Coal Fields are among the most productive in the nation.

Help for Consumers

Renters and homeowners who are having difficulty paying their heating bills may be able to receive help from LIHEAP.

If you're not satisfied with the work of your HVAC contractor, contact the Kentucky Attorney General Consumer Protection Department to submit a complaint form.

Regulations affecting Heating Contractors

HVAC contractors need a license to do work in the state of Kentucky. License applications are available through the Licensing Division of the Department of Housing, Buildings and Constructions. The Division issues master, journeyman, limited journeyman duct, and limited journeyman installer licenses.

To obtain a master license, contractors must pass an exam (including a business and law portion) and have two years. mechanical experience. Contractors must also provide proof of insurance showing general liability insurance coverage from a Kentucky-authorized company in the minimum amount of $800,000 general aggregate ($500,000 for general liability and $300,000 for property damage). The journeyman and limited journeyman license applicants must have two years of experience, pass an exam, and work under the supervision of a master contractor. The Division also registers apprentices. Kentucky has no reciprocal license agreements with other states.

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