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Heating Contractors in Indiana

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Indiana has distinct seasons with very different temperatures throughout the year. While the summer temperatures are warm during the day, they occasionally dip below freezing at night. With average temperatures in the 20s in January, every home needs reliable heating.

Contractor Licensing

There is little regulation of heating contractors in Indiana. The state does not require licensing for heating contractors, and indeed the only type of licensing required in the state is for plumbing contractors. Heating contractors do have to be certified in their trade if they are performing work for the Department of Transportation or for the Department of Public Works.

One exception to keep in mind is that when geothermal heat is installed, a well is generally dug to access the warmer water below ground. Digging the well may be considered an exercise in plumbing, which will require a license. The license is technically a well-drilling license, and must be obtained from the state.

Indiana does have a trade association, the Indiana Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors. The trade association is non-profit and represents contractors as well as suppliers in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industries. Indiana is also home to WaterFurnace International, a manufacturer of geothermal heating systems.

Indiana citizens wanting to file a complaint against a heating contractor can go through Indiana's consumer complaint office. Indiana residents can also go through the Better Business Bureau.

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