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Heating Contractors in Georgia

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Georgia has one of the fastest growing populations in the United States, with over nine million people living in "The Peach State." Its capital is Atlanta, the 34th largest city in the country, which is also growing rapidly.

Georgia's weather is generally temperate, although it is subject to tornadoes, and the occasional tropical storm - usually the remnant of hurricanes that attack the Panhandle of Florida, or by-products of hurricanes rushing up to North Carolina. The average temperature of the summer months is 92° -- in the winter, 32°, so both heating and cooling systems are important.

Consumer Protection

You can check whether a contractor is licensed at the Professional Licensing Boards Division website.

The Georgia Department of Human Resources provides financial assistance with heating bills for the low-income, elderly and disabled, who can receive such assistance by contacting their local community action agency. Those agencies can be found at the HEAT website.

Contractor Licensing

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractors need a Conditioned Air Contractor license to work in Georgia. There are two classes: "Conditioned Air Contractor Class I," which is restricted to 175,000 Btu of heating and 5 tons of cooling, and the "Conditioned Air Contractor Class II," which has no restrictions.

To qualify for the conditioned air contractor license exam, three years of Division-approved experience in Conditioned Air work is needed. Two years of Division-approved education can be substituted for one year of work.

For the Class II exam, contractors need experience installing systems that supply greater than 175,000 BTU of heating and 5 tons of cooling.

Licenses can be applied for at the State Construction Industry Licensing Board's website.

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