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Alabama HVAC Contractors

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Alabama has the second largest inland waterway system in the country (Louisiana is first). Alabama's industries include automobile manufacturing, aerospace, education, health care, and banking. The state is ranked 23rd in population, with about 5 million residents. Temperatures usually do not go below the low 50s in the winter. Summer temperatures tend to be in the high 80s and low 90s, so good air conditioning is a must.

Any general contractor working on a commercial or industrial project costing $50,000 or more must be licensed by the state, and general contractors for residential projects that cost $10,000 or more also need to be licensed. Alabama has a state licensing board for HVAC contractors.

If you have complaints about a contractor, contact Alabama's Attorney General.

If you have problems paying your home heating bills, visit the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's site on Alabama.

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