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Heating Contractors in Alaska

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When individuals in the United States think about a state where the weather is cold for most of the year, perhaps the first state which comes to mind is that of Alaska. But Alaska is actually more of a contradiction than that -- Southeastern Alaska is a land of both rain forests and glaciers! In the Northern part of the state, on the other hand, annual average temperatures may be in the single digits. While there's little call for air conditioners and heat pumps in Alaska, you better keep your furnace in good repair!

HVAC Licensing Requirements

In the state of Alaska, heating contractors must be registered with the Department of Community and Economic Development. In addition, they must pay a licensing fee of $200 plus an application fee which costs $50. The license will remain in effect until its time of renewal which occurs on December 31st of all even numbered years. If one is applying for a residential contractor's license, the heating contractor must complete the Alaska Craftsman Home Program. For those who are engaging in commercial work, there is no program for them to complete or exam to take prior to being able to obtain a license. To apply for a license as a general contractor, you can get more information from Alaska's Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing.

Resolving problems with Contractors

One can probably tell simply by reviewing the state requirements listed above that the Alaskan government takes governing the work of HVAC contractors very seriously. Therefore, if one should have a problem with their heating contractor during the course of the work, it is a good idea to contact the Department of Community and Economic Development to learn how to troubleshoot the issue. The investigations unit of this department is located in Anchorage, Alaska and can be contacted via telephone at 1-907-269-8160 or by email at investigations@alaska.gov. This should only be a last resort to resolve the issue and you should always try to fix a problem by discussing it amongst the parties involved first.

Another option is to contact the Better Business Bureau.

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