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Trane WCC Heat Pump

#12 of 22 Trane Heat Pumps

Updated: Jun 2, 2016

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Overview of the WCC

The Trane WCC is a discontinued packaged heat pump with an efficiency of 10.00 SEER and 6.8 HSPF. It had a Climatuff compressor and a copper tube / aluminum plate fin coil. It was a horizontal unit which could be converted to downflow and featured a demand defrost control with stored diagnostics. It had a direct spark ignition and a liquid line filter drier, and a heavy-gauge steel cabinet with powder paint finish helped protect the unit against corrosion and the elements.

Consumer Reviews of the Trane WCC

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Date created: 2016-06-02 Name: Keith
Location: Prescott, AZ

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Junk HVAC"
We were promised a rebate that never came and then were told later that we didn't qualify. It had to be repaired (costly repairs) multiple times and is not working again. Trane customer service cannot be reached by phone. Warranty has not covered any of the problems. My advice, never buy a Trane. Talk to the service people who repair HVAC before you purchase a unit. I've been told by service people that they would never purchase a Trane.

Date created: 2016-01-13 Name: Steve Rogers
Location: Turner, OR

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars

"Left in the cold"
Less than 3 years after the unit was installed the blower motor went out. This is a "special order" part from the factory, not kept in stock. So, it's a 7-10 day wait to get the replacement part. It's the middle of winter and we're moving space heaters from room to room to keep warm. Very dissatisfied with the product support by Trane.

Date created: 2014-10-27 Name: D. Peterson
Location: Tucson, AZ

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Love my Trane. 17 years old in hot Tucson, AZ."
Had my Trane dual compressor installed in 1996. It worked great and always did what it was purchased for. It kept the home comfortable. It was hit by lightning a few years ago and ever since then, the compressor turns on when called, runs a few seconds, and turns off. Then it turns back on to fully complete the cycle. Again, even with this issue, it always keeps my home very comfortable. I'm very pleased with the purchase and longevity of this heat pump in Arizona. It runs a lot, as I like to be comfortable. As for the issue, 3 companies have checked and are unsure of the problem.

Date created: 2011-12-28 Name: J Dillon
Location: Lafayette, TN
Years owned: 9

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Trane Wreck"
The Trane heat pump has been nothing but a headache since we bought the house. The heat pump was installed by the contractor or builder not sure. It's noisy and just a pain. The following year the compressor seized up and had to be replaced because our machine (which vibrates horribly) rubbed a hole in a line. Every year or so we have had to do some repairs or have something fixed on it. Wires have shorted out, the fan blower motor went on Christmas Day 2 years ago. Also one of the boards shorted out and caused a small electrical fire. Thank goodness for circuit breakers. Now after nine years the compressor has shorted out. We are replacing it with a Carrier or a Rheem just haven't made up our mind yet. We considered fixing it but considering the repair guy also found several shorted wires and two bad copassitors we figure its not worth fixing it. So we will replace it with hopefully something better.

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Other WCC Reviews

Among the very few online posts regarding the WCC is one on dieseltruckresource.com from a consumer with a blown compressor wondering if it would be cheaper to just buy a new unit. Most of the people responding to the post agreed that replacing the compressor would be much less expensive.

WCC Warranty

The warranty for the Trane WCC heat pump was comprised of the following:

  • 5-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 5-year limited warranty on the coil
  • 5-year limited warranty on parts

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