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Consumer Reviews of Toshiba heat pumps

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Date created: 2011-06-16 Location: Miami, FL

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"A heat pump user"
I am currently a user of heat pump. I am using it for now more than 5 months. The company which I have trusted is Toshiba. The heat pump that I am using is very good and it is reliable. It makes the envoirnment of our home very warm. The best thing about the heat pump is that it never makes us feel that we are un comfortable. Solid heating system and better technology makes it far better than other companies. I visited my friends homes and noticed that they are using different heat pumps of different companies and the results were good but the product I am using is the best. I would not say that others are bad but some of them are better. When I was trying to buy a new heat pump system I check ed several reviews of different people and also searched the internet and checked that many people think that every heat pump is the same and perform similarly but some of my friends told me that it all depends on the company. So I visited the Toshiba customer care and noticed that it is far better than the others. After all the reviews I decided to get a heat pump of toshiba's company. And here I am after several months it is perfectly fine. It needs to be maintained every year and I am very satisfied with it. Thanks.

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