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Rheem RPQL-JEZ Heat Pump

Updated: Jun 16, 2015

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Overview of the RPQL-JEZ

The Rheem RPQL-JEZ is a heat pump with efficiency ratings of up to 15.5 SEER and 10 HSPF. The unit features a scroll compressor with enhanced compressor protection, including defrost control and auto-reset high and low pressure controls. Designed for elevation off the concrete pad to reduce vibration, it also has a compressor sound blanket which keeps sound levels as low as 71 dB. It is equipped with the Comfort Control System, which monitors the system and uses a 7-segment LED display to provide detailed diagnostics. The cabinet has a wrap-around louvered grille and is constructed of galvanized steel with a powder paint finish.

Consumer Reviews of the Rheem RPQL-JEZ

#9  of 13 Rheem Heat Pumps
2 of 5 stars 6 reviews

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied

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Date created: 2014-11-08 Name: Allan Andre
Location: Vavenby, BC

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Heat pump is expensive"
Heat-pump seems to have a hard time keeping up and the temperature has not even gone below 0 Celsius yet. It has to use auxiliary heat to warm the house up in the morning to recover 1.5 degrees. I believe I spent a bunch of money on something that does not work the way they claim. 0 C is 32 degrees F. I will not recommend anyone install one of these units anywhere.

Date created: 2014-01-14 Name: bP
Location: shawnee, OK

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Avoid Rheem!"
I have a bit of an advantage over many when I talk about our Rheem unit since we also have an American Standard on the back part of the house. The A.S. absolutely runs rings around our Rheem. I definitely recommend American Standard since except for a tiny leak, it has worked flawlessly since 2005. Our 15-seer unit replaced a 10-seer "contractor special" unit (don't remember brand), but I would be as well off and money ahead if I had kept that unit. When the temperature gets above about 95 degrees, the Rheem has to run without stopping from about 2 pm-9 pm just to keep the place at around 73 degrees. The installer claims the unit isn't too small for that part of the house. I will never ever buy Rheem again. I might take a free one.

Date created: 2013-09-17 Name: Susan-Jones Guthrie
Location: TX

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Never Buy A Rheem"
We bought this unit brand new and have nothing but trouble with it. Rheem says it isn't their fault, the parts keep breaking inside the unit. Must be the techs that have had to come service it 8 times because it won't cool. I work in the service industry, you make it right for the customer. Now, I will have to shell out $7000 for a new unit 'cause I am sick of pouring money into this one. Will never buy a Rheem again!!!!!!!

Date created: 2012-08-27 Name: E. Kelley
Location: Odessa, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Very Unsatisfied"
I had a Rheem a/c unit installed 6/23/2009. The outdoor model # rpql- 036jez; The indoor model #rhll-hm3617+rcsl-h*3617a. I have had nothing but problems. I had to have the 1st evaporator coil replaced on Feb 3,2011. This was after numerous visits trying to locate a leak. the system was not cooling sufficiently and I was having to have the coolant replaced. In May of this year, 2012, I began having the same problem. To get to the point, today August 27, 2012, I find out I need another evaporator coil. Yes Rheem provides the part. But, I get to pay the $650.00 labor. If you're thinking of getting a Rheem, run. Buy anything else. I had a Trane for 17 years that was trouble free. I replaced it to upgrade to a larger unit that uses the new coolant. Boy, do I regret it.

Date created: 2011-12-07 Name: Bill Gourley
Location: Paducah, KY
Years owned: 1

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I can't find my model number listed above, but, on the manual it says: "(-)pql-jez model series - 15 seer. This unit was installed in a new condo in June, 2010. I have had to call service about 10-12 times in that period of time. The service guy would come out, add gas and hit the reset button and declare the unit as being fixed. It would run for a few days and quit running again. About December of last year, another repairman came out and installed a new expansion valve and the unit has worked ok since then. Three days ago it quit working again. The repairman came out, added more 410-a, hit the reset button and declared it repaired. That lasted about two hours and it's dead again. Another repairman is supposed to be here this afternoon. I'm sure glad we can use the emergency heat or we'd really be cold, it's 38 degrees outside. The greater problem is we go to Florida in the winter and I'm scared to trust this unit. By the way, it is all electric.

Date created: 2011-04-05 Location: Lynnwood, WA

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"An average heat pump"
Although I have not owned the heat pump for very long, only about three months, I already know from my experiences that it is a very dependable pump. There are no major downsides but it doesn't do anything above and beyond what a regular heat pump would do. Though there are no real customizable functions on the heat pump, however it was all of the features that are listed on the product's page that attracted to buy me. As far as I can see, these all have worked so far. Of course, I haven't tried to use it for much more than the basic functions so my knowledge about this is limited. So far I have not had to make any repairs, nor do I see any signs of a repair being necessary any time soon. This brand was recommended to me by a friend and I, in turn, have also recommended it to a friend of mine when her previous heat pump broke.

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Other RPQL-JEZ Reviews

A consumer on hvac-talk.com stated that his contractor said the RPQL-JEZ units have problems with the control boards. However, professionals on the site disagreed, saying that the units are not known to have problems and are covered by a good warranty. The professionals advised the consumer to find another contractor.

Rheem RPQL-JEZ Model Numbers

The RPQL-JEZ is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
RPQL-018JEZ 15.5 / 9.5 0
RPQL-024JEZ 15 / 9 0
RPQL-030JEZ 15.5 / 9 0
RPQL-036JEZ 15.5 / 10 0
RPQL-042JEZ 15.5 / 9.5 0
RPQL-048JEZ 15 / 9 0
RPQL-060JEZ 14.5 / 9.5 0

RPQL-JEZ Warranty

Online registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Rheem RPQL-JEZ heat pump is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year conditional unit replacement warranty
  • 10-year limited parts warranty

Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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