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Rheem RPNL-JEZ Prestige Heat Pump

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Updated: Dec 28, 2012

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Overview of the RPNL-JEZ Prestige

The RPNL-JEZ split-system heat pump is a member of Rheem's high-performance line, the Prestige Series. This is a 13 SEER/9.5 HSPF model, but when matched with proper components it can reach up to 15 SEER. The unit has a cooling capacity ranging from 23,200 to 60,500 BTU/H.

The RPNL features Rheem's Comfort Control System, which includes onboard diagnostics to identify needed repairs quickly, fault recall to retain the unit history in the event of a power outage, service alerts via the thermostat, and active protection of the scroll compressor to prevent it from operating in potentially damaging conditions.

Additional components of the heat pump include strong humidity control, a galvanized steel cabinet, a quiet fan motor and an elevated base pan to reduce vibrations and soft operation. The RPNL is Energy Star-qualified.

Consumer Reviews of the Rheem RPNL-JEZ Prestige

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Date created: 2011-12-08 Name: D. Butcher
Location: WV
Years owned: 3

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Do your homework!!"
Do your homework. I have read a lot of these reviews and have noticed that a lot of the gripes are the same as in the series of heat pump they purchased. First of all the 13pj series is Rheems Builder grade which means it is a cheaper built unit and will be louder and more prone to having other problems. The rpnl..jaz series is rheems standard 13 seer unit. It is a very good unit, I had one of these before the jez series that I have now. The jez series is the prestige and in my opinion is the best unit on the market. All of these units have a 10 year Parts/Compressor warranty. (one thing everyone needs to realize is all manufacturers will not cover labor and will charge freight to get the material there!!) There are optional labor warranties you can purchase (ask your contractor about it) What makes the jez model the best is it has a smart board in it that will protect the compressor against burn out which is also why it comes with a 5 year no hassle replacement warranty that if the compressor goes out in the first five years rheem will replace the whole unit not just the compressor. Also it is one of the most quietest units I have heard. I absolutley would recommend the jaz or mostly the jez series to anyone out there looking for a great system, also I have not found yet any other manufacturer that offers the 5 year no hassle warranty. One last thing people need to take into consideration is the quality of the contractor installing these units because from what I have heard and researched is if it is not put in properly, every manufacturers unit out there will have problems!

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Other RPNL-JEZ Prestige Reviews

The Rheem RPNL has generally positive reviews around the web. Contractors on and state that Rheem is a good brand and the RPNL-JEZ has been a reliable model with few problems over the course of years. They recommend this unit to homeowners in search of a new system, noting its energy efficiency and relatively low price.

Alongside an otherwise positive review, one reviewer on comments that the comfort control system is not as robust as advertised, and might better be promoted as a basic diagnostic system. Reviewers also mention Rheem offers solid coverage for this model, but there are better warranties on the marketplace.

Rheem RPNL-JEZ Prestige Model Numbers

The RPNL-JEZ Prestige is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
RPNL-024JEZ 13 / 8.5 0
RPNL-030JEZ 13 / 9.4 0
RPNL-036JEZ 13 / 8.5 0

RPNL-JEZ Prestige Warranty

Rheem provides a limited 10-year warranty on the compressor and 5-year limited warranty on all other remaining parts. The unit also carries 5-year conditional unit replacement warranty. Registration is required and can be completed on Rheem's website.

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