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Rheem Heat Pumps

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Rheem Heat Pumps

Rheem Manufacturing has been in business since the early twentieth century producing heating and cooling equipment and water heaters. Rheem offers nine different series of heat pumps.

Heat Pump Lines

Rheem carries nine models of heat pumps in their line of heating and cooling products. Heat pumps carry a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that indicates how efficient the units operate. The higher the SEER, the more cost-effective the heat pump functions.

The RPRL-JEC heat pump has the highest SEER of all the Rheem models, with a rating of sixteen. All the model scores range from thirteen to sixteen. The RNPL series are more basic models and have a score of thirteen. The higher-score models cost more initially, but save money down the road.

Heat pumps also have a heating seasonal performance factor or HSPF. This number is similar to the SEER number; it measures heating efficiency.

Rheem Heat Pump

All Rheem heat pumps have a high-quality compressor. These compressors supply quiet long-lasting function for the consumer. High-efficiency models come with special pressure controls to monitor the compressor and protect it from changes in pressure. The pressure controls can be added as an option to the standard models.

The high-efficiency Prestige (RPRL-JEZ) series heat pump comes with an LED control panel that will detail any problems with the system. The control board will keep its operation history, even if there is a power outage. This feature can aid a technician in servicing a unit more quickly.

Resources for the Homeowner

Rheem answers consumers' frequently asked questions on the company website. Customers can register their heat pump online for warranty protection. A list of local Rheem contractors is provided, as well as information on ways consumers can save money.

Some electric utilities offer low interest loans when certain heat pumps are purchased. Other electric and gas companies offer rebates when clients update to more energy-efficient products. Rheem offers the details to all these programs.


The RPNL-JEZ and RPQL-JEL series offer a limited ten-year parts warranty and a five-year conditional unit replacement warranty. The RPNL-JEC line has the same parts guarantee and a ten-year conditional replacement warranty. Labor costs are not covered by the Rheem heat pump warranty.

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