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York Heat Pump Overview

York has three different lines of heat pumps. Most have received the Energy Star certification and a Good Housekeeping Seal.

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The two heat pumps in this series, THGD and THGF, are the most basic. They have SEER ratings of 13 and 14.5, respectively. The HSPF is 8.0

The THGF employs a newer fan design for relatively quieter operation. It also has a matte tan exterior. Indeed, York describes the exteriors of both units as "appliance-like."

Like all of York's heat pumps, the Latitude pumps use R-410A refrigerant, which is good for the environment because it doesn't destroy the ozone layer with chlorofluorocarbons.


The two models in the LX series, named YHJD and YHJF, have SEERs of 13 and 14.5. Like the THGF, they are both "Ultra quiet."

The YHJD is capable of using the old environmentally hostile R-22 refrigerant.

The YHJF model is said to require less maintenance, because it uses a permanently lubricated fan motor. It is also relatively compact, partly because it uses MicroChannel coils.


The units in the Affinity line are the best of York's heat pumps.

The YZB has a 13 SEER and 8.6 HSPF. It is efficient and quiet. It adds some features: the ComfortAlert™ monitor, which provides real-time data about the compressor; the QuietDrive™ fan system; and "Hot Heat Pump" technology, which delivers extra-warm air to a room so you can feel extra toasty when you stand next to the vent.

The YZF has SEER of 16 and 9.0 HSPF. The YZH goes up to 18 SEER and 9.4 HSPF. Both have all of the features of the YZB.

The Affinity heat pumps all use two-stage compressors. These are more efficient than the single-stage variety, because they decrease the energy usage on days that don't require all that much heating or cooling. In this weather, the devices don't have to operate at full blast.

Care and Maintenance

A good rule of thumb is to have your heat pump inspected twice a year; in the spring and fall when a home's air conditioning unit shifts gears and temperatures from one season to another.


Most of these products have ten-year warranties on their parts and on their compressors. Additional coverage can be purchased under the YorkCare® Comfort Plan. This service provides a ten-year extension to the basic warranty and authorizes unlimited service calls and repairs.

To be covered by the basic warranty, homeowners must register their product within ninety days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty shrinks to five years: that's all you got.

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York Heat Pump Reviews

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3.0 rating

There was no real sales pitch for the product. I didn't get product information. When your 40-year-old system dies and it's 90 degrees in your living room you tend to get a bit desperate. I didn't have time to shop around. So the contractor, HJacks, has done reliable service in the past. I needed something affordable and quiet and asap. So the brand wasn't the issue. I had an air handler installed as well. And they replaced my breaker box at no extra cost. But one aspect of these surveys isn't addressed: I've had this one week. The electronic thermostat is not as easy to use as it should be. And the air handler hums and can be heard through the vents. My old unit didn't hum. Almost used to it now though.

D Curlin

Brook Park, OH

"awful unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I got my unit in 2011. It went out in 2015. It was all under warranty. After several months of trying to get my unit fixed from M&A Supply where I bought the unit and after I called York & Johnson Control they finally sent a repairman. It went out again 2 days later. Now it's starting second summer and they still refuse to honor their warranty. My advice: do not buy a York.

danny fowler

Simpsonville, SC

"York 3.5 Ton"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We decided to replace our 11-year-old York due to its age and to gain energy efficiency. The new unit is very quiet compared to the old unit and seems to cool our home quicker. Also it is made in the USA.

Mike Englert

Phoenix, AZ

"25 year experience with all brands. York, like others, if installed correctly will last."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been in the HVAC field for 25 years. I have installed and worked on all brands. All are pretty much the same and typically have the same name brand components. This is key so pay attention. No matter what name brand you have installed, if it's installed incorrectly it will break down. Also if you rarely have it serviced and if you don't change and clean your filters and system as directed, it will break down. Most all brands have an extended warranty. If you are to cheap to get this , don't be mad when it breaks down and you're not covered (anything mechanical is subject to fail, that's fact). So be smart and cover your butt. York has a 10 year parts and labor warranty. If anything breaks within that 10 year frame you don't even pay a service fee. That's great peace of mind. I must stress. I have been servicing and installing HVAC for 25 years and have seen failures in all brands, some are normal wear and tear issues but most were because of improper care or install. 1st Class Comfort heating and air.

Mark Ewell

Arab, AL

"The York is the Best"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've owned this heat pump since we moved into our house 3 years ago. It's simple and works and gives us no problems. I don't know much about heat pumps but our home heating and cooing and refrigeration systems work great. We haven't had to get it repaired for 3 years now. It is not loud and it's efficient. With this experience, I have no dislikes about this heat pump. I'd buy it again or recommend it to a friend, even though I've read some negative reviews online from other owners.

seattle, wa

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