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Westinghouse Heat Pump Overview

Westinghouse, owned by Nordyne, manufactures a wide selection of heat pumps. Thirteen individual series exist, each of which can be categorized according to efficiency levels.

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Consumer Reviews of Westinghouse


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Reviews by Heat Pump Series


Ultra-Efficiency Heat Pumps

The iQ Drive heat pump is Westinghouse’s top of the line model. The company labels it as supplying “ultra-high efficiency.” The iQ Drive heat pump can achieve a SEER of 22 and an HSPF of 10. The particularly quiet unit uses “inverter-rotary” technology to precisely meet the heating and cooling needs of a home at any given moment.

Extra-High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

This series includes four heat pump series. Westinghouse offers two 16 SEER heat pumps, the FT4BF and the ET4BF. A packaged heat pump system with a SEER of 15 and a hybrid packaged system with a SEER of 15 also are available. The hybrid heat pump uses electricity to heat when temperatures are normal, and gas when temperatures drop to lower levels.

High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Three series are found in the high-efficiency category. Two 14/15 SEER, 8-plus HSPF heat pumps are featured in this series, as well as one 14 SEER, 8 HSPF packaged heat pump, with two stages and variable speed. The 14/15 SEER series can achieve a SEER boost of one point when coupled with a variable-speed air handler or a Westinghouse gas furnace.

Minimum Efficiency Heat Pumps

The heat pumps in this series are all 13 SEER series that can attain an HSPF between 7.7 and 8. Three of the units in this category are packaged heat pumps, with options of a large or small footprint.

Care and Maintenance of Westinghouse Heat Pumps

Westinghouse requires annual maintenance by an authorized technician as a condition of its warranty, as well as regular filter cleaning performed by the homeowner. The manufacturer also notes that customers who purchase one of the iQ Drive heat pumps should make sure it is installed and serviced by a certified Westinghouse technician.


Westinghouse provides a 10-year parts warranty on all registered products. The compressor is protected for 10 years for registered products, and five years if the product is unregistered.

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Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews

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"Total Piece of crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Since I installed it in March 2009, I have experienced a bunch of problems with this heating system. At first it was not heating or cooling properly and since I had a warranty they came out to fix it several times in the first few months of owning it and I continued to keep having the same issue time and time again. Then it started making an awful burning smell and I'm still unsure of what was causing this because my warranty was up and I couldn't afford to get this problem checked out. It uses up so much electricity for a piece of junk that doesn't even work properly and never has. Today I had to pay for the installer to come back to my house again and he found out that another part has been damaged! Apparently the Regulator Freon needs to be replaced. Seriously, what more could go wrong? This thing is junk. I would not ever buy from this company again or recommend it to anyone!

Weymouth, MA

"Hi reli"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed in 1979 and still going, need I say more!


Seattle Wa.

"Bad Unit, Warranty Stinks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

15 seer heat pump, less then one year old, has had 5 leaks repaired inside the outdoor unit. Westinghouse boasts of a great warranty, but they refuse to do anything. Our contractor has been working with us, and we feel sorry for him as he has ate most of the repair costs. We have contacted nordyne/westinghouse with no satisfaction. Outdoor unit still not working and now we are in the winter running on electric heat…..




5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Has lasted 36 years. Not one problem. Hope this does not jinx.


Oregon Capitol

"Still cool"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Got two heat 15 seer 2ton heat pumps in 4 years ago. They replaced a set of 6 year old Goodman heat pumps. What a difference! Just a bit of noise from the compressors when coming out of defrost. My dealers put in some type of relay. Now no noise and real low operating costs.

D. Shetter

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