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Westinghouse Heat Pump Overview

Westinghouse, owned by Nordyne, manufactures a wide selection of heat pumps. Thirteen individual series exist, each of which can be categorized according to efficiency levels.

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Consumer Reviews of Westinghouse


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Reviews by Heat Pump Series


Ultra-Efficiency Heat Pumps

The iQ Drive heat pump is Westinghouse’s top of the line model. The company labels it as supplying “ultra-high efficiency.” The iQ Drive heat pump can achieve a SEER of 22 and an HSPF of 10. The particularly quiet unit uses “inverter-rotary” technology to precisely meet the heating and cooling needs of a home at any given moment.

Extra-High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

This series includes four heat pump series. Westinghouse offers two 16 SEER heat pumps, the FT4BF and the ET4BF. A packaged heat pump system with a SEER of 15 and a hybrid packaged system with a SEER of 15 also are available. The hybrid heat pump uses electricity to heat when temperatures are normal, and gas when temperatures drop to lower levels.

High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Three series are found in the high-efficiency category. Two 14/15 SEER, 8-plus HSPF heat pumps are featured in this series, as well as one 14 SEER, 8 HSPF packaged heat pump, with two stages and variable speed. The 14/15 SEER series can achieve a SEER boost of one point when coupled with a variable-speed air handler or a Westinghouse gas furnace.

Minimum Efficiency Heat Pumps

The heat pumps in this series are all 13 SEER series that can attain an HSPF between 7.7 and 8. Three of the units in this category are packaged heat pumps, with options of a large or small footprint.

Care and Maintenance of Westinghouse Heat Pumps

Westinghouse requires annual maintenance by an authorized technician as a condition of its warranty, as well as regular filter cleaning performed by the homeowner. The manufacturer also notes that customers who purchase one of the iQ Drive heat pumps should make sure it is installed and serviced by a certified Westinghouse technician.


Westinghouse provides a 10-year parts warranty on all registered products. The compressor is protected for 10 years for registered products, and five years if the product is unregistered.

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Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews

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"Quiet and efficient"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Replaced my 15-year-old Carrier unit. What a difference. The Westinghouse unit is so quiet I had to put my hand up to the vent to make sure it was working. Temperatures are much better in the house and my bills are also.

L W Barnes

Austin, TX

"Best in world"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased unit in 1971 from distributor for $1130 and installed it myself. In the last 44 years I have had one compressor and one reversing valve replaced by the contractor. Myself I replaced one blower motor and one capacitor. No service calls required ever. Now I need a new compressor. Have been looking at a new one but it appears almost everyone is not satisfied with the new ones. It will cost more to replace the compressor than I paid for the equipment. I have got prices on new unit for $8000 to $14000 installed. If I fix it and sell my house and somebody asks how old the unit is and I tell them about 45 years they will not understand that the old stuff is so much better than the new stuff. My local dealer went to an equipment show and a Carrier engineer told him anybody can design a unit that will last forever but it takes a real engineer to design one that will fail one day after the warranty expires. Enough said!

R Lindahl

Wenatchee, WA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Year 1, I made 13 calls for repairs; no heat, the auxilary heat on, the unit outside iced up. The installer said to get someone else to fix it because he would not come any more unless I paid for the call. Why should I pay when he could fix it? From the start he would not help. The distributor in Moncton would not help. He said the problem was between me and the installer. Now, a lot of money later, it's still not working right. The outside unit iced up. A new company is working on this problem. He has been in touch with the manufacturer and distributor in Moncton. Now, 5 years later, my electric bill is very high.

wayne e wilson

NB, Canada

"Long on warranty, short on quality!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased this 15.00 seer, 3.0 Ton Pkg 2 stage heat pump 12/27/10 based on good reports and past history. First year it ran great and very efficient. The first Spring started having freezing up problems and the defrost board was replaced 3 times in a couple of weeks. Ran good until the next Spring when the defrost board is replaced again, twice as well as the blower motor and heat strip contacts. Now this Spring, it's not cooling again and the blower motor is replaced again. Week later it is still not cooling and expansion valve is bad and over heating. Part has to be ordered! No ac at all until part comes in. My service provider has jumped whenever I called and hasn't charged me anything but tell me their other customers are experiencing the same problems. Westinghouse supplies replacement parts under warranty but their replacement warranty is only good if the compressor burns out, not multiple problems no matter how many you have. Free parts are good but the inconvenience is not covered. I would not recommend this unit to anyone and doubt I will deal with Westinghouse again! I'm also trying to get them to replace my unit under the lemon law.

Charles Green

Florence, SC

"Westinghouse heat pump package unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Put in a Westinghouse heat pump, package unit, 3 ton for my home 2 months ago, with electric furnace. Cools the house just fine, but no humidity control. Cannot get below about 62% humidity. The old Trane, 27 years old, I took out kept the humidity around 50% all the time. Working with contractor, but not happy, considering making him pull the Westinghouse out and put in another Trane.


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