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Sears Heat Pump Reviews

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"Never again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a Kenmore split system heat pump / air handler from Sears just under 3 years ago. It cost me over $8000.00! In the last 5 weeks I have had them out 5 times. Each time they cannot find the Freon leak?!??! Every time the tech does not have the proper equipment to do the job correctly. I had to call around the local HVAC companies to find nitrogen so they could check the pressure correctly. I have recorded everything and am going to the EPA! At this point my unit has lost over 21 pounds of Freon. My unit only hold 6.4 pounds! (Definitely against EPA regulations!) I work in the industry and know how things should be done properly. Today I was scheduled for my 6th appointment (it is going to be 90 outside today) and they do not know when my part is or when my appointment is?!?!?! By the way this was in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Cynthia Fugere

Virginia Beach Virginia

"My crosley heat pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The heat pump i purchased about 3 years ago came at a grea price and a usefull buy. The biggest difference in this product was the simplicity of instalation and assembly. A mechanic I am not but i seemed to manage just fine. Three years into this pump and I have had no issues. A good peice of equipment for a good price.

clare, MI

"Sears Heat Pump Problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Since the unit was first installed a couple of years ago, it has been nothing but a loud, inefficient piece of junk. I had problems from the day it was installed. Had it completely replaced 3 months later. Sued Sears (and won) for the amount of time I had to be at home when the machine was serviced. The replacement unit is loud and inefficient and I'm having them come on site again to tell me why.

Craig Johnston

"Devastated about kenmore heat and cooling product."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ever since I bought this unit I have been having problems. Sears replaced all duct work after 5 years of complaining. Within 5 yrs they always had to repair something. Over all I have been frustrated with this particular product for not getting hot or cold enough. Never had a full year of satisfaction with this unit. I will like a replacement unit at this time. 10/18/09. As of this date product is still not working properly.


"A real disappointment"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A piece of junk!!! For 18 months, this unit will not cool when it it hot, and will not heat when it is cold. I have had service people out here at least 8 times and it is still not right. The first mistake they made was to disconnect the heat strips. Therefore, when it is really cold, there is no second source of heat to bring up the temperature. I was even told by a service man that I did not need it in this part of the country. They did not install a complete new system. They used the existing duct work, circulation fan and electrical wiring. I have a "piece of a Sears heat pump and it is not working..

Nell G. McMakin

Belton, SC

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