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Maytag Heat Pump Overview

Maytag manufactures split-system and packaged heat pumps in a variety of shapes, sizes and efficiency ratings. While the individual systems vary, all units are designed and assembled in the United States.

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Reviews by Heat Pump Series


Split-System Heat Pumps

With seven different models of split-system heat pumps, Maytag’s product line ranges from base models to ultra-efficient units. The company’s top-tier products feature up to 22 SEER/10 HSPF, as well as two-stage heating and cooling designed for consistent, energy-saving home comfort. These models are advertised as providing quiet operation with low vibrations.

Maytag’s mid-range models can offer efficiency ratings up to 15 SEER/8 HSPF. Several units can receive up to a 1 SEER boost when paired with matching Maytag components, such as a variable-speed indoor air handler or gas furnace.

The company also offers two 13 SEER/8 HSPF heat pumps capable of receiving a 1 SEER boost when paired with complementary components.

Additional components of this product type include a galvanized steed exterior and corrosion-resistant spray finish. Select models meet Energy Star standards.

Packaged Heat Pumps

Maytag offers 10 models of packaged heat pumps. Top-tier models offer up to 16 SEER/8 HSPF. Similar to the split-system pumps, these models also are equipped with two-stage heating and cooling.

A 20-inch fan blade with a condenser fan and compressor sound blanket helps keep noise level to a minimum and reduces vibration during operation. Optional backup heat also is available and can provide up to 20 kw of heat output.

Within its line of high-tier products, Maytag also manufactures a hybrid unit that offers 16 SEER/8 HSPF and 80 percent AFUE. To maximize energy savings, this unit uses two fuel sources: electric during mild temperatures and gas when the temperature drops.

Mid-range units provide as much as 14 SEER/8 HSPF and are equipped with a galvanized steel case, a wire coil guard and mesh hail guard protector.

More basic models offer 13 SEER/7.7 HSPF, but still feature corrosion-resistant components designed to withstand the elements.

Care and Maintenance

While homeowners can perform general maintenance, Maytag suggests annual system tune-up by a professional technician for every heating and cooling product. Yearly maintenance includes leak check and repair, electrical and component inspection, and cleaning if necessary.


Maytag heat pumps are equipped with a 12-year parts warranty with online registration. In addition, Maytag provides a “Dependability Promise” to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails within one to 12 years, depending on the model. If the heat pump isn’t registered online, the term is reduced to five years.

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Maytag Heat Pump Reviews

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"Energy savings & comfort"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

After having my 2 stage, 16 seer heat pump in my home in the hot summer, my wife complained that she was cold. I told her to raise the temperature on the thermostat from 72 to 74. She is now happy, the system is saving me money & the comfort level is great. That was 4 years ago & I have never had a service call, just annual maintenance.


Nashville, TN

"Could not be more unsatisfied!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had this Maytag 12 seer heat pump installed in July 2005 with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. This has been a complete failure of a heat pump from almost day one. The dealer and installer has been the best when is comes to keeping repairing the unit, but we are now being told that with a full year left on the 10 year warranty until July 2015 that Maytag will no longer honor the warranty. I cannot believe the a big company such as Maytag would do such a thing to a customer of their products. We are being told that the dealer/installer will be stuck with the cost of any labor or parts required to keep our unit operating. I feel this review requires a follow up by Maytag people to confirm or deny this problem.

Ronald O. Bowman

Dunedin, Florida 34698

"Horrible experience"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought in fall of 2011. Summer 2012- great worked awesome! Summer 2013- Temps up inside sent out our installer. Needed freon. Summer 2014- Temps up inside. Installer out of business. Maytag you need a new inside coil that went out $624 plus shipment to have new dealer install. Maytag/Nordine called to get some help on a 3 year old unit. Said "too bad not our fault that the coil went bad. No help". I will never buy anything maytag for the rest of my life you are dead to me. 11 of last 14 days over 100 degrees—77 at night inside

Dave Weakland

Asotin, WA

"Parts Warranty Has Its Benefits, BUT…"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

After spending almost $7,000 on a new 2 1/2 ton Maytag heat pump, the inside coil failed (corroded) after just two years. I bought a Maytag, because its warranty is the best in the industry. However, even if the warranty covers a failed part, the owner must still pay for the labor and refrigerant. That was $700! So, don't be sold on a Maytag solely for its warranty. It's not really worth it if you must pay a small fortune for the other costs of repairs.

R. Cummings

Huntsville, AL


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Very unsatisfied with Maytag HVAC product. 5 year old unit has been serviced continuously every season. Best to replace and buy a better brand product. I'm a very frustrated and dissatisfied realtor / investor.

Karen Blick

Clarksville TN

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