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brand name Kenmore first appeared on a Sears washing machine in 1927. Kenmore is synonymous today with home appliances sold by the Sears retail company. Kenmore heat pumps are actually manufactured by International Comfort Products (ICP), which is a part of Carrier Corp. Carrier belongs to United Technologies Corp. Kenmore heat pumps are available in three series of varying efficiencies.

Kenmore 17 SEER Performance Heat Pump

The Kenmore 17 SEER heat pump offers the brand’s highest level of energy efficiency. The model number found in this series is 77381. This unit operates with a two-stage compressor for advanced temperature and humidity control. The two-stage fan operates quietly and the galvanized steel shell protects the heat pump from the elements. This series features a Copeland scroll compressor and a diagnostic control board.

Kenmore 14.5/15 SEER Performance Heat Pump

This series offers two models, 77390 and 77330, which can reach 15 and up to 14.5 SEER respectively. These models feature the two-stage fan for quiet operation and the galvanized steel casing. The Copeland scroll compressor and diagnostic control board also are included in this series.

Kenmore 14.5/15 SEER Performance Value Heat Pump

Models 77360 and the 77435 are Kenmore’s basic heat pump offerings. These heat pumps include the galvanized steel cabinet and the Copeland scroll compressor. The 77435 is the most economical unit that uses R-410A, required by the Environmental Protection Agency in all new units produced today. With model 77360, consumers can expect “long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22 with zero ozone depletion,” according to Kenmore.

Care and Maintenance of Kenmore Heat Pumps

Sears and Kenmore recommend two visits by a technician each year to keep your heat pump running efficiently. The contractor should check the overall operation, clean the condenser coils, check and clean the air filter, check the evaporator, and lubricate the air handler blower and condenser fan motor. The drain lines and refrigerant should also be checked.

Kenmore Heat Pump Warranty

The Kenmore 17 SEER Performance heat pump offers a ten-year parts and ten-year labor warranty. The warranty is the same for the 14.5/15 SEER Performance heat pumps. In the value heat pump series, model 77360 also offers the ten-year warranty on parts and labor. Model 77435 comes with a ten-year parts warranty and a three-year labor warranty.

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Kenmore Heat Pump Reviews

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"3ton compressor-15 Seer heat pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Just installed yesterday and that went well. It's a 3 ton compressor outside 15 Seer with Variable speed air handler inside with humidity t stat thermostat touch screen. One interesting thing I noticed is they put locks on the outside compressor ports, this is because it's is now known that your gas can be stolen out of your ac system without the owner knowledge. Think about that some. The next thing I noticed is how quiet this system is running. It cooled my 1500-1700 square ft home from 89 to 77 in less than 2.5 hour with outside temp 98. That is impressive. The new ac systems today are much more complex and can be technically challenging to setup the t stat correctly. There is about 10 to 20 adjustments required in the config to really get the full benefits of the system depending on how advance the purchased model is. Getting a correct schedule setup also helps. It's important to understand that a ac system can only do 20 degree difference so you can or should only run in a 3 degree change schedule to save energy. So example run 78 day and 76 at night for sleep staying within that 3 degree change range. Running heat with same rules would be good as well but heat is a little different in how it works. If you understand the principles and the system is installed correctly then it will work correctly. Just maintain it and have it checked annually or so and it will provide good service and life for best cost point. Most household ac systems will cost about $2 – $3 per day to own including filters and maintenance on average at best just to have it. It's not cheap. Update: 07/30/2017 I forgot to add, Sears installs thousands of these units per month in Florida alone I have been told. That said consider the low amount of negative reviews and higher positive reviews. When systems work good most consumers do not report anything. I will report more later on my system



"25 years old Kenmore 2 tons"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This Kenmore 2 tons heat pump ch5024qkb2, sold by Sears, was installed in November 1992, manufactured in August 1991 by icp (Inter-City Products at that time). I have purchased the house in 2011, including this heat pump. According to files of the former owner, only the exterior fan has been changed around 2005. Another service call was done because the breaker was triped or OFF, bizarre… Other than that, service calls were for cleaning of unit. This heat pump has always worked great in cooling mode. But in heating mode, this heat pump is stopping sometime brutally after only 4 to 8 minutes since 2011, at least. A visual inspection let me discover that the capillary tube, located between a bulb and the expansion valve in the outdoor section, was sectioned. Troubleshooting with multi meter ans drawings have let me conclude that unit was stopping on high temperature protection of the compressor. Two technicians told me that a repair was not a good move on a heat pump so old. Today, after 6 years with cooling only, it the last day. It will be replaced tomorrow by a Coleman LX, the favorite by consumers on Furnace Compare. My model will be a THJF 2 tons. I Hope to offset purchase cost by lower energy cost in long term with functional heating mode!

Dominic Matte

Montreal, QC, Canada

"Sears Kenmore 4 ton heat pump central heating and cooling system."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The Kenmore 4 ton 16 SEER central heat pump / AC system is 1 year old. Last summer it was very hot and also this summer in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. The unit cycles well. Does a great job in winter also. Thus far very pleased. No maintenance necessary yet.

Juanita Broussard

Breaux Bridge, LA

"the heatpump on my house"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been living in my house for 9 years. I had the house built. I like the heat pump versus regular central heat because it is more efficient and heats up better. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is very loud. Knock on wood, i have never had to have it serviced nor repaired. I have only had to get the AC serviced and refilled because it was out of Freon. That was about 1.5 years ago over the summer. I slept and sweated in a 90 degree house for a day. After it was serviced, it felt like heaven. And it was repaired at discount since he was a family friend. I do not see anything wrong with my brand.

Columbia, SC

"Heating air conditioning"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I ordered Sears to install the whole system, from compressor, furnace, wiring, thermostat, with extended warranty from Sears on 2010. It never worked right the 1st year. I then called Sears services and they tried to charge me $500, then waived it after some phones I had to make back to Sears to remind them that I have an extended warranty. One year later they sent me a collection letter of $250 and it had to be resolved after an appeal from me to the collection company. Other bad news was he told me the system had a "small leak " and he put some "stop leak " into the system. Can anybody believe this ? This is the whole new system, almost $7,000.00! Furthermore, when he removed the cover panel from the furnace I could see the evaporator inside already rusted out (it was 1 yr old) and until today whenever I adjust the A/C thermostat, it goes back to 75 f even after replacing the batteries. I trusted Sears products but not after this. It is so disappointing.


Springfield, VA

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