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Bryant Heat Pump Overview

Founded in 1904, Bryant is known for innovating heating and cooling technology. Bryant manufactures a variety of heat pumps. Since the company delivers options designed to meet various needs, you should understand the features you need in a heat pump before choosing a unit. This extensive guide to Bryant heat pump options can help you select the best option for your home.

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  • 36.11% of customers recommended

Reviews by Heat Pump Series

Evolution Preferred Evolution Extreme

Heat pump overview

Heat pumps work by moving warm air from your home during summer and into your home during winter. For those in areas with mild climates, a heat pump can significantly reduce monthly electric bills. Heat pumps can also be effective in areas with more extreme climates; however, the cost savings in these cases are typically less significant.

Bryant offers two main types of heat pumps. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

A conventional heat pump functions much like an air conditioner, with an added reverse cycle. Some of the components are housed in an indoor cabinet, while other parts are located in a weather-resistant outdoor cabinet. The heat pump pushes air through ducts in your home.

Customers without installed ducts often choose a ductless system. These units are available in single-room and multiple-room versions, and they are ideal for spaces in which installing ducts would be impractical.

A heat pump’s energy efficiency is indicated by two ratings: the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF). These numbers are calculated by dividing the cooling or heating output, respectively, by the amount of electrical energy consumed. Higher SEER and HSPF ratings indicate more efficient systems.

A heat pump’s heating capacity is given in watts or British thermal units (BTUs). One watt equals 3.41 BTUs. About 10 watts, or 34.1 BTUs, can heat one square foot of space. For efficient operation, choose a system that is the correct size for your home.

Bryant heat pump series and models

Evolution 280A

Type of heat pump

The Bryant Evolution 280A is a conventional heat pump.


  • Fully compatible with Evolution Connex, which provides remote control
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Sound-dampening design

Tech specs

  • Available sizes range from two to five tons
  • 43.81″H x 35″W x 35″D
  • 24,000 to 60,000 BTUs, depending on size

Energy efficiency

  • 20.5 SEER
  • 13 HSPF
  • Ranked “most efficient” by Energy Star in 2019


  • A three-ton model costs $4,540, plus installation.
  • Pricing varies according to unit size, geographic area, home size and installation difficulty.
  • Contact a local HVAC professional for an accurate cost estimate

Preferred 226A

Type of heat pump

The Bryant Preferred 226A is a conventional heat pump.


  • Wi-Fi remote access capability when paired with a Bryant Housewise thermostat
  • Dehumidification
  • Two-stage operation

Tech specs

  • Available in sizes ranging from two to five tons
  • 39.125″H x 35″W x 35 to 45.94″D
  • 24,000 to 60,000 BTUs, depending on size

Energy efficiency


  • The three-ton model costs $2,850, plus installation.
  • Pricing varies based on unit size, home size, geographic region and installation difficulty.
  • Contact a local HVAC professional for a detailed estimate.

Legacy 214DNC

Type of heat pump

The Bryant Legacy 214DNC is a conventional heat pump.


  • Cost effective
  • Single-stage compressor
  • Resists corrosion from salt spray and other environmental hazards

Tech specs

  • Available in sizes ranging from 1.5 to five tons
  • 35.75″H x 25.75″W x 25.75″D (1.5-ton version) to 38.88″H x 31.18″W x 31.18″D (five-ton version)
  • 18,000 to 60,000 BTUs, depending on size

Energy efficiency

  • 14 SEER
  • 8.2 HSPF


  • A three-ton model costs $1,825, plus installation.
  • Exact costs vary according to unit size, region, home size and installation difficulty.
  • Contact a local HVAC professional for accurate pricing.

Evolution 38MPRA

Type of heat pump

The Bryant Evolution 38MPRA single-zone ductless mini-split heat pump.


  • Functions in outside temperatures as low as -22 Fahrenheit
  • Inverter compressor
  • Built-in basepan heater

Tech specs

  • Available in sizes from 0.75 to 2 tons
  • 27.64″H x 33.27″W x 14.29″D (0.75-ton version) to 31.89″H x 37.24″W x 16.14″D (two-ton version)
  • 9,000 to 24,000 BTUs

Energy efficiency


  • Depending on size, this model costs $900 to $3,200, plus installation.
  • Costs vary by geographic location, installation difficulty and home size.
  • Contact a local HVAC professional for specific pricing information.

Preferred 38MGR

Type of heat pump

The Bryant Preferred 38MGR is a multi-zone ductless mini-split heat pump


  • Individual zoning for up to five rooms
  • Inverter compressor
  • Works with outside temperatures as low as five degrees Fahrenheit

Tech specs

  • Available in sizes from 1.5 to four tons
  • 27.64″H x 37.31″W x 14.82″D (1.5-ton model) to 52.48″H x 41.15″W x 17.63″D (four-ton model)
  • 18,000 to 48,000 BTUs

Energy efficiency


  • Depending on the size and number of indoor units, this model costs approximately $5,000, plus installation.
  • Pricing varies by geographic area, home size and installation difficulty.
  • For the most accurate cost estimate, contact a local HVAC professional.

Care and maintenance

Keeping your Bryant heat pump clean can increase the unit’s energy efficiency and lifespan. Regularly clear vegetation, clutter and debris from around the outdoor unit. Clean the heat pump when it becomes visibly dirty. Periodically wipe down the vents inside your home, and occasionally turn off and clean the fan. Change or wash the filters every month, and schedule annual maintenance by a local service technician.

Bryant heat pump warranties

Bryant heat pumps carry different warranties, but all models have at least a 10-year parts warranty. Ask your dealer to provide specific warranty information for your chosen heat pump. Although standard warranties do not cover labor, optional labor warranties are available.

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Bryant Heat Pump Reviews

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"Nothing but issues"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built out house in 2007. On the first run the blower motor burnt out. Its continued from there. From faulty wiring, to blowing fuses. Strip heat unit replaced twice. Not holding a charge. Freezing up because of damper motors burning out. 4 different damper motor replacements. Condensation pump backed up and not receiving voltage (numerous times). Well as of last Friday the heat pump stopped cooling. Tech came out yesterday. Condenser or reversing valve is burnt out, can't be sure until its fixed. $2000.00 Condenser is still under warranty but the valve is $800.00. I called the Bryant manufacturing Co. and was basically told they cant help me. First he blamed it on the builders, then the installers, who happen to be one of their own reps, but they aren't responsible for their work. I have been getting the run around since day one, telling me they have to work the kinks out because its a brand new model. Kevin(Bryant customer service) also told me I was imagining the bad reviews that I have found online about Bryant. The tech yesterday told me I'd be better off replacing the outside and inside unit with a different brand. Then come to find out the crazy high electric bills (over $500.) I've been having was because of the reversing valve. Ridiculous! I will never recommend Bryant, and I will make sure I let everyone I know just how much they do not appreciate their customers, and how they do not even back there own merchandise!

M. Blackburn

Dallas, GA

"Good Bryant Heat Pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had this Heat-pump since I moved here over 18 years ago and still running strong. I'm afraid that most of this units when installed by unprofessionals greedy contractors leads to faulty equipment- I have an hvac certifications from the local college and work for a couple of different companies doing service and installations and this people do not in anyway do a good job. I would not let any company in Ocala Florida do an new install for me except for ACDone rite. I believe this is the company the College instructor owns. I'm going to get another unit but it would be install by me along. I'm going to stay away from Goodman and York. I fixed too many of them to know which ones to stay away from. I would like to buy the same brand I have,-which is made by Carrier. By the way no one has ever work on my ac unit but myself.


Ocala fl

"Thought We Bought The Best"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We are now on our third service call ranging from humidifier problems with leaking. Now we have been three days without our heat pump because of control board issues and valve problems. I wish I would have visited this site prior to my purchase. I certainly would have not made Bryant my choice for a heat pump unit.

Dean Graham

Indianapolis Indiana

"Installer Errors Give a Real Bad Name!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a factory authorized dealer, reading many of the reviews on here. Sounds more like the installing company created the problems listed more than Bryant themselves! As a factory authorized dealer I must tell you, after several hundred installs, very, very few problems and even less complaints. If the installing company were true to the word, most complaints listed would simply disappear. I refer to those companies as schmucks, that don't stand behind the warranties. Email me at home- [email protected] if you ever have any questions about a Bryant product, no matter where you live. If installed correctly, they are awesome!!!

Jim C.

Eastern Shore, Maryland

"It is not the BRAND, it is the HVAC installer that makes these units fail."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

What I can summarize for you is that most technicians really do not completely comprehend the concept of refrigeration and their training is based on Monkey-see, Monkey-do philosophy. This directly results in incorrect ac/hp installations, and maintenance. The premature death of ac/hp compressors are often direct result of incorrect installation or Overcharging/Undercharging practices plaguing this industry. Furthermore, my research shows that most brands (industry-wide) have a lot of Freon leakage problem reported (during 2003 to 2008) with their ac/hp units independent of their reputation or unit cost mainly due to low quality copper tubing used (industry-wide) for the construction of the indoor and outdoor unit coils. Hence all these unsatisfied customers reporting problems with their units (independent of the brand used) is the direct result of poor copper tubing by the copper supplier and the ac manufacturers' material quality control staff. So, if you bought Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Train, etc. They all suffer from this poor copper tubing. Some top companies quickly changed their products with aluminum coils, which resulted in higher cost and higher reliability. However, be aware of just seeing the aluminum color, does not make it an aluminum coil, most manufactures are wrapping thin aluminum fins around the copper coils for higher heat dissipation and they may still suffer from the poor copper coil issues. Bottom line: Buy a good reputable brand (Carrier, Train, etc.) that will provide you with the replacement parts few years down the line, and avoid low-end suppliers.

Walter. K.

Frederick, MD

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