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Bryant Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are dual function devices that cool a house in the summer and heat it in the winter. They transfer heat against the gradient along which it would normally flow. Heat pumps can thus be a good investment for homes located in climates with fluctuating weather.

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Consumer Reviews of Bryant


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Reviews by Heat Pump Series

Evolution Preferred Evolution Extreme

Bryant makes three different classes of heat pumps: Legacy, Preferred, and Evolution.


The Legacy heat pump has a SEER of 16 and an HSPF of 9.0. These numbers represent relatively high efficiency, even though this is the weakest of Bryant's models. At 76 decibels, the Legacy is relatively loud.

This model, along with the other heat pumps listed here, uses Puron refrigerant instead of Freon. This substance does not emit ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons, and thereby brings the air conditioners into compliance with federal regulations.


The Preferred Series heat pumps have SEERs of 16.5 and HSPFs of 9.5. It improves on the Legacy by adding, for one thing, a two-stage scroll compressor. All of these products have scroll compressors, which means they use a circular motion. The two-stage compressor is additionally helpful, because it prevents the heat pump from having to operate at full speed when the weather is not particularly extreme.

The Preferred, as well as the Evolution, is equipped by the DuraGuard® Plus Protection Package. This is a series of coatings and other interventions that decrease susceptibility to the elements.

Preferred Compact

The Preferred Compact is a particularly small model of heat pump, designed to fit into a space on a roof or a deck. As such, it's not quite as efficient as the other pumps. It has a maximum SEER of 15.5 and a maximum HSPF of 9.0. However, it is the quietest of all these units, producing only 66 decibels of noise.

The Preferred and Preferred Compact both use Duraflow design, which is partly responsible for decreasing the sound.


This is Bryant's top-of-the-line heat pump. It has a SEER of up to 19 and an HSPF of 9.25.

The Evolution heat pump is set up to integrate with the Evolution Control system. This is a thermostat that also controls humidity and allows for multi-day programming. This system can also be accessed remotely using phone or computer.

This model features the AeroQuiet® System II, which decreases the noise that it actually emits. This brings its average operating noise to 72 decibels.


All of the above products come with a ten-year limited warranty for their parts. This warranty is valid only for the original owner. Its span decreases to five years if the product is not registered within ninety days of purchase.

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Bryant Heat Pump Reviews

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"It sucks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had nothing but trouble out of this heat pump. I paid over $5500 hundred for it new and 2 or three times a year something is going wrong with it. Once the warranty is expired I have full intention to scrap metal it. Worst heat pump I have ever bought, and I will not buy another.

Jeff Pilkenton


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a new house with a Bryant a/c Model 213(a/b)/215b. In three years the motor has been replaced two times and now the evaporator coil has a leak and has been replaced. I have paid approximately $1,000 in service charges for an A/C that is just 3 years old. I am very, very dissatisfied with this product and the service I have had to keep it up and running. I will never purchase another Bryant product.

Janice M Holloway

United States

"28 years – one repair"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed a Bryant heat pump on New Years Day, 1987. One repair from a rusted out part cost me $250. I'm one lucky guy or have one of the best units ever made, maybe both! It's purring like a kitten as I write this.



"Don't buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased this $5,000 unit after sitting with the owner of Powell ac and Heating at our kitchen table who recommended it in January of 2010. Have had three service calls for repair since installation. On 7/27/2013 the fan motor stopped working. Was informed that both the seller and manufacturer were aware that the motor would go but chose not to replace it until it actually broke down. As it happened on a saturday, we went three full days in Florida without A/C while they waited until Monday when they ordered the new motor and another two days until they could replace the motor. It was covered under warranty but the labor was not. Cost us 400.00 to replace. On 6/17/2014, the unit stopped cooling again. This time the repairman said that there was an "unrepairable leak at Utube top" and that the coils had "moved together" and burned that hole. Of course, the coils are under warranty but the labor and replacing the coolant is going to cost us $1200.00. Every bit of savings you get from a lower electricity bill will be lost on repairs to these defective units. Do NOT buy a Bryant/Carrier AC/Heat Pump.



"Two-speed Puron (R-410a) Plus Heat Pump"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This Evolution unit was installed 12 years ago. It is really good when running, but needs fixed every other year since new, at a cost of at least $200. It has had a shorted wire on a sharp metal edge inside the unit, cost $200. It has had to have a electronic control board replaced, cost about $500. It has had a pair of conductors replaced about every 3 years, cost about $350. It has had a relay and capacity replaced, cost about $400. I'm sure the cost of break/fix repairs on this energy saving unit has all but been spent on keeping it running.

R. Peters

Lincoln, NE

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