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American Standard Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are machines that can be useful for houses in variable climates. They pump warm air into the house during cold weather, yet pump cold air during warm weather.

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American Standard makes six types of heat pumps, which are classified into three groups of two. These groups are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, in ascending order by expense. This order also corresponds roughly to energy efficiency, which is evaluated according to a system called the Seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). A high SEER implies high energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The two Silver Series heat pumps have SEERs of 13 and 14. They use Spine Fin coils, which are large groups of aluminum fibers bundled together, so as to increase the available surface area while keeping the material within a small volume.

Silver Series heat pumps come with many features that protect them from the elements. These include steel panels for the sides, Durabase basepans, and SermaGuard rust resistant screws for the joints between these planes. These items are protected against rust and other sorts of damage.

Gold Series

The heat pumps of the Gold Series are somewhat more efficient than those the Silver Series. They have SEER numbers of 13 ("Contemporary") and 15 ("Premium"). They also have all the above-described outstanding features found among the Silver Series. The Gold Series is characterized by intermediate cost, comfort, and efficiency.

The Gold and Platinum Series of pumps have insulators for their compressors, a feature which makes them less noisy.

These heat pumps can also house an AccuClean system, which filters out small particles from air passing through the heat pump. The company suggests that air can become 99.98% clean as a result of this system. The filtration process separates organic allergens and inorganic pollutants alike.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series models are both the most expensive and the most efficient. They have SEER ratings of 16 and 20. Both use two-stages, which allows them to run without using as much energy on days when not very much heat exchange is necessary.

These units also have Comfort-R humidity modulation, to further increase control over the quality of the house's air.

The top-of-the-line model, the "Heritage 20," or "Ultimate," contains an AccuLink control board, which provides a more sophisticated interface for its operator. The ChargeAssist charging port assists the process of charging, saving energy during input.

Care and Maintenance

American Standard recommends contacting a qualified technician to inspect a home's heat pump on an annual basis. Homeowners can do preventive maintenance by doing a little research or talking to a technician.


Silver Series heat pumps have five year limited warranties for parts and outdoor coil, and ten-year warranties for their compressors. The Gold Series comes with ten-year warranties for all of the above. The Platinum Series is similar, but has a twelve-year warranty on its compressor.

Additional coverage for these items can be purchased in five- or ten-year intervals. This extra-warranty covers additional parts and is furthermore transferable to future homeowners.

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American Standard Heat Pump Reviews

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"Had American Standard for 11 years"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We've had our American Standard for 11 years. Hasn't been any trouble until recently. Used it much in the summer in Oklahoma since the wife has to sleep at around 66 degrees. It has done a pretty good job at cooling to a low temperature. The A-coils in the blower have rusted out and won't hold Freon. Although it has had trouble only recently, I'm going to try a different brand since I would hope to get more than 11 years out of my heat pump.

bill P.

Shawnee, OK

"2 years old, reversing valve bad."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Yes the part is under warranty but costs 800 to 1000 dollars to change. I know that field repair can't duplicate factory. What if on soldering, debris gets to the compressor. The factory should have a better guarantee than one year. The dealer has gone out of his way but has his hands tied by the factory. I'm hoping nothing goes bad after this repair. Had a Trane heat pump for 10 years and only had a contactor relay go bad. That's why I went with American Standard for replacement after its reversing valve went. Update: 2016-11-08: After installing rev. Valve on restart I'm told the compressor needs replaced. Now this unit is only 2 years old american standard needs 3 things to go bad before they replace the heat pump. What the hell else can go bad . spent over 6000.00 and have to spend 2000.00 more for repairs. Doesn't make any sense. Wife wants to talk with lawyer for his advise.

don supan

Arlington, WA

"Manufacturing plant did not solder properly and QA did not review or catch the mistake."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

After 2 years of what appeared to be a happy experience, the outside air handler stopped working! Analysis of the air handler showed that via discoloration on the copper tubing going to the transformer connection there was Freon leakage and the unit shut down. The cause was the plant when manufactured had retrofitted the 3/4 inch copper tubing line into a larger connection fitting and had reamed out the connecting tubing inside, making it much thinner so flanging could be used to retrofit the connection. The connection was soldered with a thin coating. After some time of usage and pressure, a split at the connection in the copper tubing caused full loss of Freon and also caused the pressure relief valve in the inside unit to seize up. Result was major repair cost in labor. Materials and parts were under a 10-year warranty. I feel that the American Standard Organization (now under Trane parent company) should refund all labor cost to me and provide and install a new unit because who is to say that other items were overlooked and will continue to fail… Did I get a 'Lemon'? I think so. The Installation was done professionally and was a great piece of careful installation. This was a screw up at the manufacturing plant and QA details which is not acceptable, especially for the amount of money that you have to pay for what is advertised as a superior product. Thus I am not a happy camper!

Gerald (Gerry)T Wall

Ringgold, GA

"American Standard sucks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

You know, when you spend thousands of dollars to put a piece of equipment in that is supposed to help your heating and cooling costs for years to come, you expect the equipment to be around for those years to come. Not American Standard equipment! We put a heat pump in, mind you a two stage top of the line. Put all new service into the house to be able to even install and use it. And we are now on our way to our sixth set of compressors in eight years. Yeah, you read that right. In the eight years we have had this, we have not had one summer without losing our air conditioning for several days, or losing our heat in the winter and having to skip the Energy Efficiency of the unit and have to go strictly to using the electric furnace. In months like October, November, March, and even April. And this is all with a ten year warranty. So all this should be covered. Hahaha! Good luck finding someone to work on it. You see, the company who put it in, went out of business, the company that made the equipment refuses to call you back, and all the other local repair men refuse to touch it because they know they won't get paid from the company who manufactured the equipment. They just refuse to pay on the warranty. And this piece of crap is so famous for being junk, that yet again we sit with no air conditioning, and no one willing to fix it. We have a parts and labor warranty. Everything should be covered. But none of it is. Because American Standard and Trane are worthless companies that like to take people for $8000 at a time, and not call back. Not fix their equipment, and leave people like me to write nasty messages like this. Why? Because we have tried every other avenue to get satisfaction. For eight years now. That's right. We have had trouble with this junk since the second month it was installed. I think its about time that American Standard steps up and deals with this situation like a man. Grow some balls American Standard and deal with the mess you made.



"Dirty Sock Syndrome with this unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Starting in the summer of 2015 our house started having a very pungent and unpleasant odor. We could not identify the source for some time – stumbled upon the Dirty Sock Syndrome conversations on the internet and called our installer. They knew about the stink issue and came out and cleaned our coils. Problem went away for about a month and came back. Re-cleaned, same issue within a few weeks, installed some type of 'plasma' electronic device inside the unit for $310.00 and now the stench has come back with a vengeance. I hate this thing – we couldn't give our house away with this stink. I'm calling the installer again and am sure we will be told to install something else – UV lighting perhaps – at our expense. This unit lives in North Carolina where it has to heat and cool – we paid a lot and have ongoing stink with it. We change the filters in the returns every month and have a contract with the company for maintenance (cleaning really). I don't know what we will do going forward but we can't live with this.

Richard R.

Rocky Mount, NC

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