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American Standard Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are machines that can be useful for houses in variable climates. They pump warm air into the house during cold weather, yet pump cold air during warm weather.

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American Standard makes six types of heat pumps, which are classified into three groups of two. These groups are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, in ascending order by expense. This order also corresponds roughly to energy efficiency, which is evaluated according to a system called the Seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). A high SEER implies high energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The two Silver Series heat pumps have SEERs of 13 and 14. They use Spine Fin coils, which are large groups of aluminum fibers bundled together, so as to increase the available surface area while keeping the material within a small volume.

Silver Series heat pumps come with many features that protect them from the elements. These include steel panels for the sides, Durabase basepans, and SermaGuard rust resistant screws for the joints between these planes. These items are protected against rust and other sorts of damage.

Gold Series

The heat pumps of the Gold Series are somewhat more efficient than those the Silver Series. They have SEER numbers of 13 ("Contemporary") and 15 ("Premium"). They also have all the above-described outstanding features found among the Silver Series. The Gold Series is characterized by intermediate cost, comfort, and efficiency.

The Gold and Platinum Series of pumps have insulators for their compressors, a feature which makes them less noisy.

These heat pumps can also house an AccuClean system, which filters out small particles from air passing through the heat pump. The company suggests that air can become 99.98% clean as a result of this system. The filtration process separates organic allergens and inorganic pollutants alike.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series models are both the most expensive and the most efficient. They have SEER ratings of 16 and 20. Both use two-stages, which allows them to run without using as much energy on days when not very much heat exchange is necessary.

These units also have Comfort-R humidity modulation, to further increase control over the quality of the house's air.

The top-of-the-line model, the "Heritage 20," or "Ultimate," contains an AccuLink control board, which provides a more sophisticated interface for its operator. The ChargeAssist charging port assists the process of charging, saving energy during input.

Care and Maintenance

American Standard recommends contacting a qualified technician to inspect a home's heat pump on an annual basis. Homeowners can do preventive maintenance by doing a little research or talking to a technician.


Silver Series heat pumps have five year limited warranties for parts and outdoor coil, and ten-year warranties for their compressors. The Gold Series comes with ten-year warranties for all of the above. The Platinum Series is similar, but has a twelve-year warranty on its compressor.

Additional coverage for these items can be purchased in five- or ten-year intervals. This extra-warranty covers additional parts and is furthermore transferable to future homeowners.

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American Standard Heat Pump Reviews

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"Leaking Coil cost me $1180"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Was told American Standard was the best. Thought it was until last week when the condensing unit began short starting. Installer came out and took a look, stated it was a leaking coil, and said his labor was not covered (which I knew was industry standard). Cost me and my wife $1,180, and the piece of junk is not even a year old…not happy.


Austin, TX


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

At first was happy with this unit I live in palatka fl. Summers are hot unit cools well for use in a large moble home but the heat pump unit side is a whole other story ac runs off of only 20 amp breaker wow but emergency heat is 65 amps problem starts when temp drops below 40 degs. Coils freeze up and condenser fan stops compressor goes under terribly bad strain then heat strips kick in waite its worse unit starts its defrost mode uep you guessed it switches to ac mode to put heat to outside coils and blows cold air inside and they call this normal for a heater at first I said ok maybe this wont be so bad again I was wrong now its triping the 65 amp breaker every night I know the person that owns the company that I purchased it from they did a great job asked why the one service guy that is also a close friend said hes not supposed to tell me the real reson what the problem is but he did and if I give his name he would probably will be fired because the corporate guys would not give the owners the rigjts to sell there units and backing and kick backs they get the problem is the unit was desigened to be run in states with relatively low humidities and as we all know thats not Florida but the wont tell you that up front so buyer be ware all the will do is charhe you for servive call and say corporate says its fine within specs but there is a problem with the mother board and rhey know this but the cost ro do a recall would be verry high and hurt there sales more than a few thouaand of us writing a complaint so now we know its up to us the end user to make better decisions and do our homework is saving a few $ worthe the troubke not really because we either keep servicing the junk or purchase a unit with better standards no punn intended as with omt revuie I read maybe they should have just stuck with jons and left ac work for the pros so there you have it do your home work check the weather in your state and may you have better luck than the rest uf that got it broke off in us


Palatka, FL

"Don't buy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought the "top of the line" model heat pump 4 years ago. Disaster! Worked for 2 years before problems started. Have replaced ac condensers twice and now having nothing but trouble with heating unit! American Standard does not stand behind their product. Have requested replacement but no response. Never again!!!

C Mohr


"Don't buy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased an American Standard Heat Pump manufactured by Trane in April 2015. I have the unit serviced twice a year, once in April and again in November. I've used the same company since purchasing my home in 1999 and this is the second heat pump manufactured by Trane that I've had installed. The first one lasted for 15 years and I only replaced that unit with this one because of its age. Since having this "new and improved" unit installed I've had nothing but problems. Techs have been at my home, taking apart and replacing internal parts, for hours, twice a year. The last two gentlemen were here for 10 hours. They have replaced switching valves, tsr sensors, etc, every time they are here because the unit will not switch from cooling to heating. Last April I called to have the unit replaced under warranty (I bought the 10-year extended one) and was told that American Standard would absolutely not agree to replacement. So, now that I again have no heat, and haven't had any for the last week, I was told today that once again I can expect techs to come out and cobble something together so I can have heat this winter. If the unit still won't work, then I apparently will be blessed with an American Standard tech to come out at some point in the future and look into the matter. I have always bought Trane products because they used to manufacture good equipment and stand by their warranties. However, I will never purchase another product made by Trane again. Oh, I should add that I paid over $8,000.00 for this unit in 2015. Welcome to my world this winter.


Tempe, AZ

"Know your warranties."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am an A/C tech. I agree with the review that this brand has received Junk. One thing I notice however, is that consumers don't really seem to understand their warranties. They are told upon delivery " so many years parts- so many years labor " but don't seem to remember this when a repair is needed. I would caution every homeowner to understand that the days of units lasting 12-15-20-30 years, is over. Unfortunately – Trump is right in one respect. China. All manufactures produce much less robust products these days (Aluminum coils instead of Steal and copper) Chinese parts (yes all manufactures use nearly all Chinese made parts) and wrap that with the 70% higher pressures that R410a has then the old R22, disaster. There is no best unit, only best warranty! And that is what you need to look at when purchasing a new unit. Name brand means little to nothing.


Phoenix, AZ

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