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American Standard Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are machines that can be useful for houses in variable climates. They pump warm air into the house during cold weather, yet pump cold air during warm weather.

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American Standard makes six types of heat pumps, which are classified into three groups of two. These groups are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, in ascending order by expense. This order also corresponds roughly to energy efficiency, which is evaluated according to a system called the Seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). A high SEER implies high energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The two Silver Series heat pumps have SEERs of 13 and 14. They use Spine Fin coils, which are large groups of aluminum fibers bundled together, so as to increase the available surface area while keeping the material within a small volume.

Silver Series heat pumps come with many features that protect them from the elements. These include steel panels for the sides, Durabase basepans, and SermaGuard rust resistant screws for the joints between these planes. These items are protected against rust and other sorts of damage.

Gold Series

The heat pumps of the Gold Series are somewhat more efficient than those the Silver Series. They have SEER numbers of 13 ("Contemporary") and 15 ("Premium"). They also have all the above-described outstanding features found among the Silver Series. The Gold Series is characterized by intermediate cost, comfort, and efficiency.

The Gold and Platinum Series of pumps have insulators for their compressors, a feature which makes them less noisy.

These heat pumps can also house an AccuClean system, which filters out small particles from air passing through the heat pump. The company suggests that air can become 99.98% clean as a result of this system. The filtration process separates organic allergens and inorganic pollutants alike.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series models are both the most expensive and the most efficient. They have SEER ratings of 16 and 20. Both use two-stages, which allows them to run without using as much energy on days when not very much heat exchange is necessary.

These units also have Comfort-R humidity modulation, to further increase control over the quality of the house's air.

The top-of-the-line model, the "Heritage 20," or "Ultimate," contains an AccuLink control board, which provides a more sophisticated interface for its operator. The ChargeAssist charging port assists the process of charging, saving energy during input.

Care and Maintenance

American Standard recommends contacting a qualified technician to inspect a home's heat pump on an annual basis. Homeowners can do preventive maintenance by doing a little research or talking to a technician.


Silver Series heat pumps have five year limited warranties for parts and outdoor coil, and ten-year warranties for their compressors. The Gold Series comes with ten-year warranties for all of the above. The Platinum Series is similar, but has a twelve-year warranty on its compressor.

Additional coverage for these items can be purchased in five- or ten-year intervals. This extra-warranty covers additional parts and is furthermore transferable to future homeowners.

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American Standard Heat Pump Reviews

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"American Standard heat pump"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Be careful with Trane or American Standard air conditions. Had a blower motor go out on my unit after 2 years. They said they couldn't find where I had registered the air handler or condenser, so instead of covering it for 10 years, they only warrantied it for 1 year. The next year, they changed it to 3 years. They said my model didn't fall under that warranty. Get something else. They won't stand behind their products. They must have known the motor had a poor design. Beware! Year for a blower motor, that's un-American, stand behind your products, even if its a bad design. I will not buy a Trane or American Standard again.

J. Neill

Covignton, LA

"Please shoot me"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've had 8 service calls in 3 years. I bought a $6,500 unit to cool a 900 square foot master suite. This winter, I'm using a space heater. It is worse than junk. It does not work.

Chris Stasny

Oxford, MS

"Happy, Happy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've had the best luck with my American Standard AC and heat-pump. The only problem I have, is it's old. It was installed October 29, 2003. I'm hoping to replace it in the next six months, or so.

Robert Brantley

Blairsville, GA

"Worst company in the world…North Korea would be better at this"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a 7.5 ton unit for a winery ball is now 4 years old and has never worked even though it is off most of the year. Americana standard has not backed it in any way component is on its fourth replacement..the compressor has failed twice I believe. .3 control boards..the remote thermostat hasn't worked so we hard wired one this week Cal me at I can personally share my loathing for American standard

Lloyd piercy

Hermiston, OR

"Heat Exchanger"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Had a American Standard 2t 14 Seer Dual Fuel Unit (2 Stage Gas/Variable Speed) model 4dcy402a1064ba installed in May of 2015. The first winter was extremely mild and very little gas heat was used. However the winter of 2017/2018 was a different story. It was below freezing for weeks. In mid-January we notice a horrible smell when the gas heat kicked on. The smell was so bad it would wake you up at night. The HVAC people said you probably have dirty sock and you need to have your coils cleaned. The coils were clean and the smell still existed. After two different service men and two service calls the turbulators in the heat exchanger were replaced. American Standard/Trane refused to replace the heat exchanger. Replace trubulators as a fix. We have had no more carbon dioxide readings after replacement of turbulators. This repair took a month. Had to wait on the replacement part. However we are concerened that there will be furture repairs to heat exchanger with labor being on us as there is no way to prove this was a manufacturing defect. Really big scare was the carbon dioxide leakage. So be sure if you have gas you have properly installed carbon dioxide detectors with digital history,

S Randolph


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