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American Standard Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are machines that can be useful for houses in variable climates. They pump warm air into the house during cold weather, yet pump cold air during warm weather.

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American Standard makes six types of heat pumps, which are classified into three groups of two. These groups are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, in ascending order by expense. This order also corresponds roughly to energy efficiency, which is evaluated according to a system called the Seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). A high SEER implies high energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The two Silver Series heat pumps have SEERs of 13 and 14. They use Spine Fin coils, which are large groups of aluminum fibers bundled together, so as to increase the available surface area while keeping the material within a small volume.

Silver Series heat pumps come with many features that protect them from the elements. These include steel panels for the sides, Durabase basepans, and SermaGuard rust resistant screws for the joints between these planes. These items are protected against rust and other sorts of damage.

Gold Series

The heat pumps of the Gold Series are somewhat more efficient than those the Silver Series. They have SEER numbers of 13 ("Contemporary") and 15 ("Premium"). They also have all the above-described outstanding features found among the Silver Series. The Gold Series is characterized by intermediate cost, comfort, and efficiency.

The Gold and Platinum Series of pumps have insulators for their compressors, a feature which makes them less noisy.

These heat pumps can also house an AccuClean system, which filters out small particles from air passing through the heat pump. The company suggests that air can become 99.98% clean as a result of this system. The filtration process separates organic allergens and inorganic pollutants alike.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series models are both the most expensive and the most efficient. They have SEER ratings of 16 and 20. Both use two-stages, which allows them to run without using as much energy on days when not very much heat exchange is necessary.

These units also have Comfort-R humidity modulation, to further increase control over the quality of the house's air.

The top-of-the-line model, the "Heritage 20," or "Ultimate," contains an AccuLink control board, which provides a more sophisticated interface for its operator. The ChargeAssist charging port assists the process of charging, saving energy during input.

Care and Maintenance

American Standard recommends contacting a qualified technician to inspect a home's heat pump on an annual basis. Homeowners can do preventive maintenance by doing a little research or talking to a technician.


Silver Series heat pumps have five year limited warranties for parts and outdoor coil, and ten-year warranties for their compressors. The Gold Series comes with ten-year warranties for all of the above. The Platinum Series is similar, but has a twelve-year warranty on its compressor.

Additional coverage for these items can be purchased in five- or ten-year intervals. This extra-warranty covers additional parts and is furthermore transferable to future homeowners.

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American Standard Heat Pump Reviews

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"Not an American Standard satisfied customer anymore"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned an American Standard ac unit for 13 yrs without any problems. Finally talked my 80 yr old mom into buying one. 3 days after unit was installed the coils were leaking. The dealer replaced the coils and the unit worked fine. The unit just made 3 yrs and ac is blowing hot air again. Service came out and recharged the unit with 5 lbs of Freon which cost her $75. Checked unit a few days later and coils are leaking again. They stated coil is under warranty but labor is $600. I called American Standard and the rep stated there is only a 1 yr warranty on labor. I let her know that the coil is a replacement for another faulty coil when the unit was 3 days old–seems these parts are junk. She stated that they will not cover labor no matter what happened in the past with the coils. I had several people I turned on to this brand–but– I will never own another one or speak the words, American Standard, again. Even the service tech stated that the coils they're using are substandard to the ones American Standard used yrs ago. Hope this helps someone before they have similar experiences.

D. Gros

Thibodaux, LA

"Evaporator coils leaking at 3 yrs!!"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I replaced evaporator coil in 410 a heat pump less than 3 years after buying and installing it. After going two winters and one summer I checked refrigerant and subcooling are low. I will clean condenser and check it again. But I hope it's not leaking again. But I have a feeling it probably is a leak. I know how bad these HVAC companies are making these coils with thinner copper to save the bottom line. I am damn tired of replacing evaporator coils. If this one leaks, I will demand the next one sent to me is pressure tested 48 hrs before sending it. And may ask for my $800 or $1000 back I spent in labor to replace them.

B Wilson

Bossier City, LA

"Am Std Management will not back product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Understand this review – the product is good. The company behind the product is not. The installer touted the 10 yr parts and labor warranty. Told me they had it all taken care of. Turned out they never registered the units. Am Std would not honor the parts and labor warranty b/c never registered. They will not reprimand the dealer for lying and will not extend my warranty. In summary, they will not do the right thing. The end result is a black eye for Am Std and likelihood that I will never install their product for fear they will not do the right thing when faced with the option to do so

A Melt

Middle, TN

"Bad A coil after less than 3 yrs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a new unit in May of 2016. After less than 3 yrs the heat quit working. The technician diagnosed it quickly as a hole in the coil. This is a Tam 7 air handler which is supposed to be top of the line. 800 dollars later it's fixed. Who's to say it won't fail again after another 3 yrs. After reading some of the reviews on here I wish I had seen them 3 yrs ago. We should all get together and file a Class action lawsuit against American Standard and Trane. Would I recommend this product no definitely not.

R. Hall

Summerville, SC

"Geothermal heat pump Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my geothermal heat pump for about 2 years now. I got this because I was looking for a way to permanently reduce my energy consumption and lower my bills. This product allows me to do those 2 things. I was really worried that I was making a mistake at first because this heat pump cost a lot to purchase and have installed, but I just kept telling myself to think of all the money I'd save in the long run and pushed through with it. I have no regrets or complaints, I love this heat pump. I have not had to repair or replace it yet, it works the same as it does the day it was installed. I have recommended this to my family and friends over the last 2 years whenever the mention of heating comes up in conversation.


Lexington, KY

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