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LG Mini Split Heat Pump

Updated: Jul 4, 2016

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Overview of the Mini Split

The LG Mini Split heat pump has an efficiency of up to 27.5 SEER and 11.8 HSPF and is available in single-split and multi-split configurations. It uses inverter variable speed technology, which helps keep sound levels as low as 45 decibels. These units are available in several styles designed to enhance the décor of a room, including Art Cool, Mega Wall Mount, and Four-Way Ceiling Cassette. Units all include Gold Fin anti-corrosion protection, sleep mode and auto restart, and come with a remote control for easy operation.

Consumer Reviews of the LG Mini Split

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Date created: 2016-07-04 Name: Jeff Hershkowitz
Location: Incline Village, NV

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"LG 2.5 ton Mini Split aggravation"
Bought an LG 2.5 ton mini-split which went in OK, in spite of the manual being a bit difficult to comprehend, given the odd English and goofy terminology. Vacuum-pumped the 25' line set to minus 3 atmospheres and the unit seems to run OK but can't really control the set temperature. The remote powers up and makes the unit run. You can dial up a temperature on the remote, but the unit seems to ignore the set input. If I de-power the unit at the breaker, I can get a new temperature that the unit will hold, but it doesn't respond to temperature changes from the remote. Thought I was not operating the remote correctly but there is only one mode where the temperature can be adjusted. Moreover, LG isolates themselves with just enough voice menu, hold time, ineptitude from tech support, idiotic website excuse for support to frustrate the Pope. Bought the unit from AC Wholesalers and so far less than thrilled with their notion of customer support as well. Next time, spend the little extra money and buy a Mitsubishi Slim Man. We hear nothing but good things about them.

Date created: 2016-02-15 Name: nora vautour
Location: Saint Louis-De-Kent, New Brunswick

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

" LG heat pump"
We got our heat pump put in October 2014. By December 2014 it broke down. I called to have it fixed and kept getting lied to about when they could fix it. It took over a month and a half to get someone to come look at it. After that we were not getting good heat. December 2015, heat pump is down again, no heat coming out, just warm air. I said there is something wrong, I could smell something inside. They try saying no you wouldn't smell that inside. OK now I am crazy? They came out again and there was a leak by where it comes in to the inside unit. They put more stuff in the unit. They were not gone more than 2 weeks and now I am waiting again for them to come fix this unit, code ch67 comes up. He then tells me I may need a wind guard after telling us we don't need anything around them. I am still smelling something in the house and I can see lawyers coming to file a lawsuit with this company because they are not standing behind their products and I am tired of getting the runaround. Will never buy another LG.

Date created: 2014-09-18 Name: Ronald
Location: Fredericton, NB

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"An unbelievable heat pump story"
I bought an LG ductless mini-split 18,000 BTU heat pump on May 12, 2011, which included a 10-year all parts and labor warranty. The HP has a number of problems, beginning July 2012, up to and including the present. The first problem was that it wouldn't hold its set temperature. On Sept. 14, 2012, the set temperature was 19 degrees Celsius and the room temperature was 24.3 degrees Celsius. The hp should have come on at about 20 degrees Celsius, cooling the room to about 18 degrees Celsius. It also takes too much time to cool. On August 11, 2014, it took 6 hours to lower the temperature 1.2 Degrees Celsius (not a real warm day). This BTU heat pump is cooling about 650 square feet, because the doors to three other rooms are shut. I contacted the Better Business Bureau on Sept. 20, 2012. On Oct. 30, 2012, they reported that "they made several attempts to contact LG at Source Atlantic, but they did not receive a response, and that would be reflected in future reports to customers." It has been a slug fest almost from the beginning to get repairs. Not keeping appointments, not answering their phones, not calling to reschedule, telling me that everything was fine, rude, telling me that no more parts would be replaced. So they leave me in limbo. They refuse to replace or repair or talk to me.

Date created: 2013-12-16 Name: Jim
Location: Moncton nb canada

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"LG heat pump"
We have an older no name brand we bought about 8 years ago and am very satisfied. Great heat source, very good cooling in summer. We bought an lg heat pump 2 months ago for the first floor of outr home and are not happy. Very poor heat source. When we had the installer come to check it we were told it's working fine. We now have to purchase another most likely Mitsubishi. Do not waste your money with an lg.

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Other Mini Split Reviews

Consumer reviews of the LG Mini Split appear to be mixed, with some people stating they've had no problems while others have disliked their unit. When asked to choose between the LG Mini Split and a similar Mitsubishi model, consumers on both hearth.com and hvac-talk.com have chosen the Mitsubishi.

LG Mini Split Model Numbers

The Mini Split is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
LMU180HE 13 / 7.7 0

Mini Split Warranty

The warranty for the LG Mini Split heat pump is comprised of the following:

  • 7-year compressor warranty
  • 5-year parts warranty

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