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Consumer Reviews of Lennox heat pumps

#62  of 84 brands of heat pumps

20% of customers recommend
2 of 5 stars 292 reviews

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Date created: 2008-04-23 Name: Don
Years owned: 20

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I only had to replace a module on the unit once in all the years of service.

Date created: 2008-03-18 Name: S Smith
Location: Ohio
Years owned: 10

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I will never own a Lennox unit again... it has cost me an average of about $500 a year in repair expenses. My electric bill is higher than anyone I know---Total junk from day one---

Date created: 2008-03-08 Name: Larry
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Years owned: 14

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Three out of three Lennox I have died in a one year time span. One system never worked well and in the end lost over 50% of capacity. It never produced rated cooling even after it was replaced during the first year. The second unit saw seldom use because it served an seldom used spare inlaw apartment. That second one lost the scroll compressor during cold weather because the Lennox HP22 gear doesn't use a suction accumulator, so compressor slugging killed it. The compressor spins, but there is no head pressure. That one, the bottom pan rotted out too because it has no drain holes. Water just pooled inside it. Now the third out of three had the compressor grind apart internally. It made a grinding noise, then locked the rotor and blew the fuse. These Lennox units have a minimum of protection devices. They have no loss of charge switch and no overpressure switch. Leak? The third one leaked for sure, because I recovered 5 lbs 4 oz of R22 from a system that should hold three pounds more than that. All three of these units ice over during freezing rain. They have no protection devices, so they sit there grinding the compressor to bits unless you see what is happening and turn it off. No one will service this gear. HVAC vendors only want to replace the entire system even though the air handler is okay. This junk has custom air handler dimensions that don't match other gear. So the equipment cannot be serviced and it can't be replaced without doing sheet metal ductwork all over. I wouldn't buy Lennox again, nor any of their sister brands.

Date created: 2008-03-06 Name: Alan Phillips
Location: Arkadelphia, AR
Years owned: 8

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I replaced a 20 year old York heat pump with the Lennox unit. I have had problems at least once a year. The compressor went out under warranty but it cost $400 labor to replace it. Now the compressor is out again.

Date created: 2008-02-27 Name: Kevin
Location: S.A. Texas
Years owned: 15

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

Owned this 4 ton heat pump unit unit for 15 years and have had constant r22 leak problems. Can't find the Leak, difficult to work on, can't get parts locally. Have to add 11 or 12 pounds of r22 every year to keep it running. My dad has a 5 ton Lennox. Same problems and leaks also.

Date created: 2007-03-26 Name: Tom C
Location: Columbia, SC
Years owned: 10

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I've been in my house for 25 years. Started with 2 Tranes-they worked fine for 15 years and then the upstairs unit went out. Replaced it with a Lennox-supposedly the Cadillac of heat pumps. Been a problem just about every year-circuitry, fuses, compressor, etc. Replaced the compressor 2 years ago and needs to be replaced again. Decided to junk it. The downstairs unit went out seven years ago and replaced it with a Heil-not one problem with it so far.

Date created: 2007-01-03 Name: P. Kelly
Location: Wenatchee, WA
Years owned: 5

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I built a new home 5 years ago and the builder installed a Lennox heat pump/furnace system. This is the first and only heat pump/furnace I have owned. Almost every 12 months something has failed. I have gone through 2 blower fans (though Lennox says they "cannot understand what has happened"), and twice my heat pump unit has failed. When my heat pump failed during a heat wave, I was told it was "too hot" for the air conditioner to run! When else do you need an air conditioner? The greatest insight I got was from a service technician. He stated that as Lennox has tried to make the parts cheaper and more energy efficient, they have had many more failures. Lennox has been horrible in their customer service. They do not return calls, promising you they will get back with you, have someone contact you, etc. and they never do. You have to constantly keep contacting them, threatening them, etc. Take my word for it. It is very difficult and expensive to change your home heating/cooling system. Do not buy a Lennox. Make sure your builder does not install a Lennox system without asking you.

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